New Year begins...

hat a fabulous start we have had to our new School Year - it has been a pleasure to welcome all our new children and families this week.  We have welcomed nearly 80 new families to Woodland this week, 60 of them into our Reception Classes.  All staff have been totally impressed by our new Reception children and how well they have settled into school life - all children in both classes were happily playing away by 9.30am on Monday morning, well done to them all and to their families for preparing them so well for such a big day. 

All our returning pupils have had an equally impressive start to the new school year and I say again, as I did in the newsletter that went home on Friday, how blown away I was with how smart all of our pupils looked this week.  Parents have really adhered to our Uniform Policy and to see all children in full uniform and school shoes is something not many schools can say they have - thank you all, it really makes a difference!

We have a busy few weeks ahead and I hope having the term dates to hand helps you in forward planning to be able to join us at our upcoming Parent sessions in a few weeks time.  This upcoming week sees our termly visit from Freddy Fit that i know all pupils are very excited over.

Thank you again for your support this week,


Mrs Brogan

Published on September 11, 2016 at 05:53 PM