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Unit Leader: Mrs L Dunn 
Teachers: Mrs S Connell, Mrs L Dunn and Miss R Stannard 
Support Staff:  Miss G Cunningham, Miss Bethany Whalley and Mrs S Adetona 



EYFS spring 1 - newsletter

EYFS Autumn 2 - newsletter 

Reception 2020 - 2021

**Home Learning  January 2021**

Monday 11th January Week 2 Home Overview.pdf

Hello children, adults and friends - welcome to Reception's Year Group Page. Here you will be able to see all the wonderful learning and experiences we will be getting up to during our time in Reception.


Autumn 2


In English this half term...


In Phonics this half term...


In Maths this half term...


In Topic this half term...

Autumn 1


In English this half term we will being by looking at the text 'Whiffy Wilson - The Wolf Who Didn't Want To Go To School'. We will learn to handle and look at books correctly. We will use Whiffy Wilson for opportunties to draw the main character (Whiffy) and give meanings to the marks we make. We will then discuss what Whiffy got up to in school and how he felt at different times throughout the story. We will relate this to our own experiences of our first few weeks at school. Then, we will move on to our text 'Hickory Dickory Dog' and begin to explore how stories are structured and see if we can invent our own version of Hickory Dickory Dog!


In Phonics this half term we will begin by revisiting and reviewing our Phase 1 knowledge, focusing on the different aspects of listening and sound differentiation. Then we will move on to Phase 2, where the wonderful world of letters and their sounds begin. We will look at the first sets of letters in Phase 2 ( s a t p i n m d g o c k ck). We will learn what sound these letters make, how to found the grapheme correctly and how to recognise these letters in word reading and writing.


In Maths this half term we will begin by using 'Number Blocks' to investigate numbers 1 - 10. We will look at how to draw the numeral correctly, as well as how to represent numbers using concrete and pictorial methods. We will investigate what numbers we can see in our Outdoor enviroment and use effective strageties for counting. Then, we will move on to looking at 2D shapes and their properties. We will learn the mathematical names for simple 2D shapes and look at their properties. We will construct shapes using a range of equipment and hunt for shapes in our environment.


In Topic this half term our topic question is 'Is Everyone's Home The Same?'. We will explore and investigate what our homes look like, as well as homes in our local area. We will then discuss how to keep safe at home. Homes are not just for humans so then we will mvoe on to look at the habitats of wild animals and use our knowledge to help construct a habit for them in our school grounds. Finally, we will investigate homes around the world and discuss how and why they are different. To finish off our topic, we will have a den building competition!