Our Year 1 Team

Unit Leader: Mr D Heaton  
Year 1 Teachers: Miss A Richards, Miss H O'Connell and Miss K Hamlin
 Year 1 Support Staff: Mrs L Good, Mrs D Howarth, Mrs S Kousar, Miss J May and Miss D Owen 


Year 1 spring 2  - newsletter

Year 1 spring 1 - newsletter

 Year 1 Autumn 2 - newsletter  


Spring 1

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Autumn 2

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Science - Plants and Trees

Plants and Trees Photographs.pdf 

For our Science this week we have been exploring about different plants and trees. We have explored the different parts of a plant and identified their special job. We have also been into the school playground and used our observational skills to find different plants and trees. 

As part of another lesson this week we have taken a closer look at the different types of trees and what they look like in the Summer and Winter. We identified that trees can either be deciduous or evergreen. We then had a try at painting what a tree would look like in the Summer and Winter. We then explored the similarities and differences between a deciduous and evergreen tree. 

Please take a look at our photos!