Our Year 3 Team

Unit Leader: Mrs C Howarth (AHT)
Year 3 Teachers: Mrs C Livesey, Miss C Lyndon and Miss A Richards 
Year 3 Support Staff: Mrs N Chadwick, Mrs L Haslam, Mrs K Sedgley and Miss C Mason
Year 3 Autumn 1 Newsletter



M6 Theatre Company - Mavis Sparkle 

This week we have been lucky enough to have a visit from the M6 Theatre Company who performed their play 'Mavis Sparkle' for us all to enjoy. We explored the life of Mavis, a cleaner, and her hedgehog friend on her quest to see Northern Lights. We shared the parts that we enjoyed the most and look forward to working with them again soon! 

Mavis sparkle.pdf

PE - Dance

As part of our PE session this half term, we are creating our own class dances. We have been practising the routines so far and have been working in groups to support our friends. We worked as a team to think of 4 poses we could hold for a count of 8. Then we performed them to the rest of the class. We look forward to learning more of the dances! 

PE 28h Sept.pdf

Topic Cave Pictures

As part of our topic work, we have been looking at cave paintings and the types of animals that would be found on these. We thought about the colours in the pictures and created our own! Have a look at some of our fabulous artwork! 


Prehistoric cave pictures.pdf

English - Ug by Raymond Briggs

We have started to explore our new text in English called 'Ug.' Ug is the story of a small boy and his quest to find soft trousers. We have started to explore the text thinking about questions we would like to ask the characters and hope that we can find the answers as we delve deeper into the story.  

English 14.09 Ug.pdf

Welcome Back!

This week, we welcomed back all of our children to Year 3 and had some lovely new additions to the year too! We have been doing lots of activities getting to know each other. We created our own self-portraits and thought carefully about the position of our features on our faces. We then used watercolour to paint these. We also created birthday cards as a surprise for our classmates and these will be given out on our birthdays. 

First week back