Our Year 4 Team

Year 4 Teachers: Miss L McKnight, Mrs Farnbank-Harrop and Mr I Salim 
Year 4 Support Staff:  Mrs C Mitchell, Ms C Nixon and Miss R Grimshaw 


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This week, we were looking at the famous explorer Neil Armstrong. The children were fascinated in learning about the life and journey of the first man to walk on the moon. On Monday, we conducted some research as the children had generated a lot of enquiry questions, including questions about the space craft Apollo 11. We created our own pieces of art centred around the artist Peter Thorpe who is well known for creating abstract art all about space. We compared this work with that of our famous figure Banksy and discussed the similarities and differences between their talents. The children used coloured chalk on black card to demonstrate the bright, abstract colours of space. 

Year 4 Rocket Images

In our science session today, we were learning to make a prediction. We watched a video explaining what we would have to do in the experipment and what we think might happen. We thought about the materials and what might happen to the milk and the food dye when we put in the washing up liquid. Have a look at our pictures and ask us what happened! 

Magic Milk Science experiment

This year we celebrated Red Nose Day! We came dressed as superheroes, both from comics and superheroes all around us such as the NHS, SIr Captain Tom and all Key workers. 

See us all dressed as our Superheroes! 

This week we went planting! We went outside and we used different seeds to help us to grow. We used soil, seeds, water and a plant pot to help us. We watered the seeds and we are looking after them in Cherry class. We can not wait to show everyone what they look like! 

Have a look at what we did! 

This half term we are looking at explorers in history and what it would be like to be an explorer ourselves. Some of year 4 went on a treasure hunt around the school grounds to find pictures of the Arctic. They used their inference skills, when looking at the pictures, to imagine what they would need if they were exploring the Arctic! 

Exploring for the Arctic 

As part of our Transition back into school on the 8th March 2021, we foucsed on the idea of Hope and what we hoped would happen in the near future and how we could help our hopes and dreams come true. We made 'Hope Catchers' to catch all the hopes of everyone around us and keep them with us. 
See Cherry class' Hope Catchers  
As part of our PSHE curriculum looking at connectedness and linked with healthy eating, we discussed how to eat healthily and made our own delicious fruit kebabs in class! We really enjoyed choosing our fruit, creating the kebabs and eating them afterwards. 

 See us making out Fruit Kebabs

We have been really busy in Year 4 this week! In Literacy, we have been looking at non-fiction and fiction text types and ordering the different parts of a letter of persuasion. In Maths, we have been recapping our knowledge of addition and subtraction by working hard in pairs and as a team. We hope to be experts at this by the of the week! 

See our Maths and English experts 

Within our Science topic we are learning all about Solids, Liquids and Gases. We carried out an investigation to find the weight of gas in fizzy drinks. Maya was preparing her birthday party and wanted to serve the fizziest drink, our job was to work out which drink would be the best. The choices of drinks were Orangeade, Lemonade, Iron Bru, a Lemon drink and Soda Water. 
We made predctions and made sure our investigation was fair. We weighed the same amount of liquid from each bottle and then shook the liquid for the same amount of time, for all 5 drinks. We then weighed the liquid again to see if, when the gas had dissapeared from within the liquid, it weighed more or less than before we shook the liquid. 
We found that Iron Bru was the fizziest drink and the drink that Maya would serve at her party.
Have a look at our pictures of the investigation.


Investigating the weight of Gas