Our Year 4 Team

Year 4 Teachers: Miss L McKnight, Mrs Farnbank-Harrop and Mr I Salim 
Year 4 Support Staff:  Mrs C Mitchell, Ms C Nixon and Miss R Grimshaw 


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Within our Science topic we are learning all about Solids, Liquids and Gases. We carried out an investigation to find the weight of gas in fizzy drinks. Maya was preparing her birthday party and wanted to serve the fizziest drink, our job was to work out which drink would be the best. The choices of drinks were Orangeade, Lemonade, Iron Bru, a Lemon drink and Soda Water. 
We made predctions and made sure our investigation was fair. We weighed the same amount of liquid from each bottle and then shook the liquid for the same amount of time, for all 5 drinks. We then weighed the liquid again to see if, when the gas had dissapeared from within the liquid, it weighed more or less than before we shook the liquid. 
We found that Iron Bru was the fizziest drink and the drink that Maya would serve at her party.
Have a look at our pictures of the investigation.

Investigating the weight of Gas