Our Year 5 team


Unit Leader: Mrs C Howarth (AHT) 
Year 5 Teachers: Mrs J Keneally and Mr A Collins 
Year 5 Support Staff: Mrs K Bladen, Miss H Betchley and Miss R Seely 


Year 5 spring 1 - newsletter

Year 5 autumn 2  - newsletter

Topic - Enquiry Learning

This week, we were learning about the threats that deforestation has on animals and their habitat. We had to use our enquiry and reasoning skills to look at some statements placed around the room and decide which ones were true and which were false. 

Classroom Events 22.01.21.pdf


English Visualisations & Topic Map Skills

                In English, we listened to the first few chapters of our class novel, 'The Last Wild'. To help us gain a deeper understanding, we had to draw a visualisation of the scene. This helped us later in the week when writing a setting description based on our five senses. 

In Topic this week, we have been focusing our learning around the rainforest biome, and where the main rainforests are located around the world. We had to use our map skills to find the countries where the rainforests are and plot them on a blank map in our Topic books! 

Classroom Events 18.01.21.pdf