Our Year 5 team


Unit Leader: Mrs L Caron (AHT) 
Year 5 Teachers: Miss B Atkins, Mrs L Caron and Mrs Farnbank-Harrop 
Year 5 Support Staff: Mrs K Bladen,  Ms S Davies and Miss R Grimshaw 


Autumn 1 Newsletter

2021 - 2022

Welcome Back!

This week, we welcomed back all our lovely children into Year 5! We have been doing lots of transition activities to help the children settle back into school life after a long summer away. We took part in a team building exercise called the Marshmallow Challenge where the children have to work together to create a tower using sticks and marshmallows. We learned some really important skills such as careful listening, being respectful when sharing our ideas and celebrating each others successes. Take a look at some of our fabulous towers! 

Marshmallow Challenge 08.09.2021.pdf


2020 -2021

Maths - Statistics

To support our learning around statistics, we worked on Purple Mash creating bar charts on a topic of our choice. Then, we wrote different questions about the bar charts for our peers to answer. We really enjoyed working in this way, and answered some tricky questions along the way! 

Classroom events 02.03.21.pdf

Science - Pond Dipping

Today, we were lucky enough to visit the pond within our school grounds. Linking to our previous science topic, 'Does all life start as an egg?', we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to look at all of the frogs that were hiding there. Have a look at our images below to see what we got up to!

Classroom events 26.02.21.pdf


Attached are photos from one of our English lessons this week. In this lesson, children were writing in role as the main character from our class novel. Their task was to write an emotive letter to their long lost father, informing him of the dramatic recent events that had happened in their life and pleading with him for help.
Classroom events 10.02.21


In Science this week, we have been focusing our learning around gestation periods. We have been looking at different groups of animal - mammals and amphibians - and discussing which have the longest and shortest gestation periods. Working with our partners, we had to put these animals on a timeline based on the knowledge we had just learnt. 

Classroom Events 03.02.21.pdf

Topic - Enquiry Learning

This week, we were learning about the threats that deforestation has on animals and their habitat. We had to use our enquiry and reasoning skills to look at some statements placed around the room and decide which ones were true and which were false. 

Classroom Events 22.01.21.pdf

English Visualisations & Topic Map Skills

                In English, we listened to the first few chapters of our class novel, 'The Last Wild'. To help us gain a deeper understanding, we had to draw a visualisation of the scene. This helped us later in the week when writing a setting description based on our five senses. 

In Topic this week, we have been focusing our learning around the rainforest biome, and where the main rainforests are located around the world. We had to use our map skills to find the countries where the rainforests are and plot them on a blank map in our Topic books! 

Classroom Events 18.01.21.pdf