Our Year 6 Team

Unit Leader: Mrs C Howarth (AHT) 
Year 6 Teachers: Mrs C Howarth, Mr M Dickens and Miss B Atkins 
Year 6 Support Staff: Ms V Lewis and Miss S Greenhouse 



Year 6 spring 1 - newsletter

Year 6 autumn 2 - newsletter 

As part of our 'How did World War Two affect the lives of different people?' topic, we have this week conducted an investigation into the use of Anderson shelters.
First of all, we conducted an enquiry into the difference between Morrison and Anderson shelters. We then took a closer look at Anderson shelters and investigated how and why they were used during this period. 
We also studied pictures of different Anderson shelters and then thought about what materials we could use to build our own Anderson shelter in class. Once we had gathered our ideas, we designed our own Anderson shelter and then used a variety of different materials to create our very own version of an Anderson shelter used during World War Two. 
Have a look at our pictures below:

Building Anderson Shelters