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Home learning 2020

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Link to 'Amazing Grace' story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmIfdJRsSGQ 


Challenges w/c: 18.05.20

English Challenges:

Can I write sentences using the following prepositions? (under, above, On top, behind, next to, In front of, beside)

Can I think of 5 words and add the suffix -est onto the word?  

Can I make sure I am using finger spaces when I am writing?

Can I practice saying out loud what I am going to write about? 


Maths Challenges:

Can I count to 100 forwards and backwards, starting from any number?

Can I count in 2's, 5's, and 10's to 100? 

Can I practice doubling numbers up to 20? 

Can I practise writing numbers 0-9 correctly? 


Reading Challenges:

Can I read phase 4 consonant blends (cr, fr, br, gr)?

Can I read and spot phase 4 tricky words? 

Can I use the pictures in my book to help me read unfamiliar words?











Autumn 1


In English ,we are using the poetry book ‘Out and About’ by Shirley Hughes to explore rhythm, rhyme and patterns used in different poems. We will explore and interpret indi-vidual poems and unpick the author’s choice of language to represent a theme. We will discover what nouns and adjectives are, identify them in poems and create our own exciting noun phrases. We will learn a poem from the book and perform it to the rest of the class, before composing our own poems to create a class poetry book. In Phonics we are learning the common ways of reading and writing all 44 phonemes in the English language and choosing the most appropriate phoneme to spell words more accurately.


In maths , our target is to understand the number system. This means we are learning to count to and across 100, forwards and backward from any given number. We will do this by using practical equipment to help us visualise the numbers and what they represent. We will also be  practising our place value in 2 digit numbers.


Our key question this half term is ‘Why does it get darker  when the weather gets cold?’. We will be observing the changes across the four seasons and describing the weather associated with each season. We will create a weather chart to monitor weather changes and discuss how daylight varies throughout the year.


Our topic enquiry this half term is ‘How does the weather change?’. We will begin by giving our opinion on artists representations of the four seasons and using this to create our own seasonal collages and paintings. We will consider how the four seasons impact what we do throughout the year, including the clothes we wear and the activities we do outside. We will identify hot and cold countries on a world map and compare them.


Summer 2

Our new book is “The Adventures of an Egg Box Dragon” by Richard Adams. We will begin the half term by designing and making our own egg box dragons before writing instructions to help another child to make one. We will then be writing stories set at night time, kennings, play scripts, letters and invitations. We will be beginning to use a wider range of conjunctions, and use exclamations and questions for effect.  Throughout the half term we will be continuing our work on choosing the most appropriate grapheme for a word and adding the suffixes –s,-es, -ed, -ing, -est and –er to words.

In Maths, we will begin by reading and writing the time to o’clock and half past the hour. We will then move on to solving multiplication and division problems using drawings to help us. Next, we will apply our adding and subtracting skills to solve problems. After that, we will recap the different values of British coins and notes and begin to add and subtract values of money, including calculating change. Finally, we will end the year covering all aspects of number, including number bonds to 20, counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10, counting forwards and backwards to 100 and writing numbers as words.

This half term, our key question is ‘Which plants and animals would Little Red Riding Hood find in our park?’. We will begin our learning by naming the parts of plants and trees, as well as explaining why each part is so important. Next, we will begin to explore and name different types of wild plants, before classifying living and non-living things. Finally, we will end the year by investigating ‘What do plants need to survive?’ This will involve us using simple equipment to make observations, using simple data to answer questions and suggesting what we have found out.

Our new topic question is "Who was famous when my parents were little?". We will be creating our own portraits of Queen Elizabeth II before looking at why we remember Princess Diana. Then, we will begin to look at other famous people, considering where they live in the UK to enable us to name the four countries of the UK and key cities. Finally, children will use the laptops to research a famous person of their choice. 


Summer 1

In English, we are continuing to look at the story Grace and Family by Mary Hoffman. We will be exploring the stories Grace told her little siblings and retelling them ourselves before planning and writing our own stories. We will then be writing instructions for recipes for Grace’s leaving party! We will be continuing to use adjectives in our writing and we will be considering how we can begin to use question marks and exclamation marks more independently. In phonics, we will be continuing to learn alternative graphemes for known phonemes and ensuring we are choosing the best grapheme for writing.

We will begin by solving addition and subtraction problems, by writing numbers as words. We will then move on to measuring and reading volume and capacity of various containers. Next, we will build on our knowledge of fractions to find 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 of numbers, shapes and amounts. This will lead us onto describing position and direction, including half, quarter and three-quarter turns to the left and right. Finally, we will end the half term by using our knowledge of 2d shapes to recognise, name and describe the properties of 3d shapes.

This half term, we are continuing with our key question ‘Why are Humans Not Like Tigers?’. We will be producing an information text on an animal including whether they are a mammal, amphibian, reptile, bird, insect and fish and whether they are a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore. Then, we will label parts of the human body and match them to the senses. Finally, we will consider which senses we can use to work out what things are.

Our topic for this half term is ‘What has changed since my Grandparents were young?’. Building on our work in Spring 2, we will be exploring what may have been on our Grandparent’s Christmas lists and comparing their toys to our own. We will be  sketching some of the toys. Finally, we will get to design and create our own old fashioned toys. We will think carefully about our material choices and try to include a moving part.


Spring 2 

In English, we are looking at the story Grace and Family by Mary Hoffman to inspire us to write diary entries, advice letters and narrative story books. We will continue to apply known punctuation in our writing and we will explore what questions are and when we need a question mark. We will be trying to use ‘and’ to join two sentences in a range of writing. In phonics, we will be continuing to learn alternative graphemes for known phonemes and applying these to our writing. We will be applying our understanding of phonics to segment and blend ‘alien’ words with difficult graphemes in.

We will begin the half term by solving multiplication and division problems using objects and drawings. We will them move on to recognising, finding and naming half and a quarter of objects, shapes and amounts. Next, we will be describing position, direction and movement using the beebots to make half, quarter and three-quarter turns. Finally, we will compare and solve practical problems for time using mathematical vocabulary. We will be continuing to practise counting forwards and backwards to one hundred, recalling number bonds to 20 and  counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

This half term, our key question is ‘Why are Humans Not Like Tigers?’. We will be identifying and naming animals and classifying them into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. We will be exploring which animals come from an egg before researching what kinds of food different animals eat. We will end the unit by labelling parts of the human body and matching them to the senses. Throughout our science this term, we will be focusing on sorting and classifying things, suggesting what we have found out and asking and answering questions.

Our topic for this half term is ‘What has changed since my Grandparents were young?’. To launch our topic, we will recording and asking a grandma in school questions about her childhood. We will then be sorting items into whether we think they are old or new and explaining our choices. We will look at what their school day might have been like and we will be acting in role of a child of that time. We will then explore toys that they may have played with and we will sketch some before designing and making our own.


Spring 1 

In English, we are looking at the story The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins and Jane Chapman to inspire us to write setting descriptions, information texts and stories. Through this writing we will continue to develop our work on composing sentences and punctuating them correctly using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will begin to make our writing more exciting by including interesting vocabulary and using ‘and’ to join two sentences. In Phonics we are continuing to learn the common ways of reading and writing all 44 phonemes in the English language and choosing the most appropriate phoneme to spell words with increasing accuracy. We will also be segmenting and blending the phonemes we have learnt to read real and ‘alien’ words.

This half term we will be learning to find 1 more and 1 less than a given number under 100. We will then move on to exploring and measuring weight and mass, using mathematical language to compare the weight of objects. We will then be naming and identifying the properties of 2d shapes, before developing our recognition of different coins and notes and making amounts up to £1. Finally we will develop our understanding of addition and subtraction and applying this to solve problems.

This half term we are continuing to look at the key question ‘Why does it get darker earlier in the Winter?’. We will be using laptops to research why the sun is important and presenting our findings. We will be investigating questions we have about shadows, using scientific equipment to answer them and suggesting what we have found out. We will consider which animals come out at night, before thinking about where the stars go in the daytime and creating our own artwork inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Our topic for this half term is ‘Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole?’. We will be using the book ‘Meerkat Mail’ to consider why meerkats live in the desert. We will be contrasting meerkats with animals that would live in the North pole, considering how they keep warm and creating penguin dances. We will be considering why people choose to go to hot places for their summer holidays and produce ’hot’ and ’cold’ artwork.


Autumn 2 


In Maths, we are learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s up to 100. We will be solving practical problems for length, height and weight, this will include comparing objects, stating which is longer/heavier/taller and ordering a selection of objects. We will then move on to solving addition and subtraction problems using objects and pictures to help us find the answer. We will end the half term looking at   naming and comparing 2D shapes. You can help at home by practising number formation and reciting number bonds to 10 (7+3=10  6+4=10).    







Our key Science question this half term is ‘What materials should the Three Little Pigs have used to build their house?’. We will be exploring and naming different types of materials and comparing their    properties. We will investigate why certain materials are used to make specific objects and whether or not we can make a strong bridge using only paper.


Our Topic enquiry this half term is ‘Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?’, based around the text ‘The Naughty Bus’ (see overview). We will begin by looking at where we live and what is special about our local area. We will be looking at maps and identifying the UK and the different continents and naming towns and cities within the UK. Then we will move on to looking at different modes transport around our country and how these have changed over time, before designing and creating our own moving vehicle.




Egg Box Dragons

As part of our new English unit on The Adventures of an Egg Box Dragon, we have designed and created our own Egg Box Dragons. We used the dragon from the story as inspiration and added reflective eyes, a red point on the end of his tail and black bin liner wings.


Entry Point

Our new topic this half term is 'Who was famous when my parents were little?'. To launch our topic, we have looked at artwork of Queen Elizabeth II before sketching our own portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. Then, we carefully used watercolour paints to complete our artwork. We are looking forward to finding out more about our Queen and other famous figures.

Exit Point

Today we designed and created our own Cup and Ball toy, as part of our exit point on our current topic, 'What has changed since our Grandparents were young?'. We had to think carefully about the resources we would need and ensure that we followed our plan to make our toy. We even included repeated patterns in our designs and ensured that we included a moving part. Once finished, we had lots of fun testing our masterpieces!

Jam Sandwich Making

As part of our English unit on Grace and Family, we discussed and followed instructions to make our own jam sandwich. Whilst making our sandwiches, we thought carefully about how we were doing each action and created adverbs we could use when writing them. We then generated our own instructions before writing them independently, and we even got to enjoy our sandwiches as a treat at the end!

British Science Week

This week, we learnt all about Brian Cox. We found out that he was born in Oldham, he's famous for his music and that he is an expert on space and stars. We developed our scientific enquiry skills by carrying out investigations on craters on the moon. We dropped pebbles into five different materials and measured the size of the crater created. We were surprised to find that our pebble bounced on the jelly!


World Book Day

Today we got to dress up as our favourite story character or come to school in our pyjamas, along with our favourite storybook. We started the day with an EYFS and Year 1 assembly, where we got to showcase our costumes and see everyone elses fantastic outfits. We had different opportunites throughout the day to share each other's stories and explain why we like them.

Entry Point

To introduce our new topic enquiry question, 'What has changed since my Grandparents were young?', we had a special visit from Mrs Wimbush, who is a Grandparent herself. We asked her questions about her childhood and she even shared some special items from when she was a little girl. These included: Old black and white photographs, storybooks, camera, wobble head dolls, a cup and saucer and a £1 note.

M6 theatre company - A Little Gift

Today we had a special visit from the M6 Theatre company who performed their amazing production of 'A Little Gift'. It told the story of a puppet named Ted, who set off on a journey to find friends and happiness. We enjoyed watching Ted have his party and we were blown away by the creative set. We even got chance to ask the actor questions at the end of the performance.

Freddy Fit

As part of our Freddy Fit session we took part in circuit training. Within this we participated in a range of exercises such as: running, burpees, sit ups, hula-hooping and squats. We had to listen carefully to follow instructions and copy the picture clues to help us.

We discovered a large egg left in our classrooms today and nobody knew what it was! We thought about what it could be and where it has come from. We are excited to find out what is inside once it has hatched.

We came to school dressed in our favourite Christmas jumper and enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by Mr Gareth and all our kitchen team. Thank you!

Cinderella, Buttons and the two ugly step-sisters joined us in the hall today to perform Cinderella as part of our annual Christmas pantomime. We clapped, laughed and joined in with the songs. We were all very excited and had lots of fun!

We had a special visit from Freddy Fit today! We followed dance routines to Christmas songs and practiced our throwing skills to get the ball in the bucket.

Our special grown-ups joined us to make some Christmas crafts. We made our own handprint Santa and Christmas tree, we used lollysticks to make Christmas trees and descorated with glitter, buttons and sequins. We also designed and wrote our own Christmas cards!

Today we started our football sessions with the Manchester United coaches. We will be learning lots of different skills used within football and applying these within games. We are very excited to be learning the same skills as professional footballers!

Our first Window to the World was focussed on India. We located India on a World map, learnt about Indian food and some of the traditional Indian celebrations. We then spent the rest of the day designing our own Mehndi, creating Taj Mahal pictures and drawing Rangoli patterns. We enjoyed our Indian dancing workshop, where we got to wear Indian clothes and learn a traditional Indian wedding dance.


Topic Entry Point

To introduce our new topic enquiry question ''Where do the leaves go in the Winter?'', we went on a seasonal walk to spot some of the signs of Autumn. We collected leaves of different shapes and sizes, which we later used to create Autumnal collages of hedgehogs and trees.


Autumn 1



We have been exploring which material the Three Little Pigs should have used to build their houses. In our science lessons, we have described the properties of straw, wood and brick and attempted to build structures using straw and paper. From our investigations, we found these materials to be too weak and therefore we asked Mr Sloan to demonstrate how to build a strong brick wall. We learnt how bricks are joined together and we even helped Mr Sloan to mix the cement.


Topic Exit Point

Our special adults came in to school to see the wonderful work we have been doing about Transport. We worked with our grown-ups to design and make our own Naughty Vehicle using junk modelling materials. We then created our own stories for our Naughty Vehicles.


Topic Entry Point

Someone or something has trashed our Year 1 classrooms!!!! We returned from lunch to find our classrooms in a mess! We had chairs tipped over, pencil pots emptied and a mess all over our carpet! We went outside to investiage what could have caused the mess and we found lots of tyre tracks. We later found out it was the Naughty Bus!