Assessing without levels - Information for parents

Woodland Community Primary School
Assessing without levels
Information for Parents


In September 2014, Woodland Community School changed the way in which it assessed children.  Previously, children had been assessed using levels and sub-levels (3c, 3b, 3a etc.).  This left a lot of parents very confused and the Government recognised that it wasn’t an accurate or informative way for schools to report pupil’s progress or achievement.  All schools had to move away from the previous system by September 2015.  Here at Woodland, we were forward thinking in our approach and developed our own system a year earlier.


Our assessment system is based on a series of year group expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths as well as for all other subjects across the 'National Curriculum'. Your child will complete both teacher and standardised assessments throughout the year.  These will measure how well they are achieving against the set of expectations for their year group and also against pupils of similar age and ability nationally. For each subject it is clearly outlined what has to be met in order for a learner to be ‘meeting’ the expected standard for their year group.


If a child meets all the statements by the end of the year then they are at the age related expectations for their age group. If they don’t meet ALL the statements then they are said to be emerging or working towards their age related expectations.

If a child has been identified as having an Additional Educational Need, then they may need to work on expectations from their year group in a more differentiated way, and information about this will be shared with you. There are also a set of statements for our most able children who may meet all the expected statements part way through the year. These are the exceeding statements. 


Your children will have targets directly linked to their year group expectations and these will be recorded in their Literacy and Numeracy books where each child will be able to keep track of their own learning.  Children will also regularly reflect on their own learning, identifying what they are able to do well and identifying their own next steps for learning.  In addition to these methods of recording progress, there will be opportunities throughout the year for children to discuss their progress with teachers and senior leaders in pupil progress interviews.


Our recent Ofsted report in April 2015 provided the opportunity for the school system to be rigorously tested and substantiated.  We are pleased that it gave the school every opportunity to present the achievements of all of our children and clearly demonstrated the progress they make across each academic year.


Summary of the changes here at Woodland Community Primary School:


  • Staff will no longer speak to you about your child’s National Curriculum level in Mathematics, Reading and Writing
  • Staff will talk about your child’s progress towards meeting the year group targets/expectations in Mathematics, Reading and Writing
  • Parents will receive information regarding their child’s year group expectations at Parents Evening and will be able to discuss what their child needs to do to help them with their learning


  • We are committed to the ongoing development of a system of assessment and reporting that meets the needs of all our children and celebrates the progress and achievements of our wonderful pupils.
  • We are committed to sharing the progress and achievements of your children with you.