Attendance and Punctuality

At Woodland, we place great importance on all of our children attending school regularly and punctually.  In line with the school’s comprehensive risk assessment, children can currently be dropped off from 8.30am in their allocated zones to ensure that the number of people on the playground before school is kept to a minimum at any one time. Gates will close at 9.00am.

On the rare occasion that a child arrives later than 9.00am, please ensure that they escorted to the school office by an appropriate adult.

As a school, we ask that parents/carers inform us fully of all absences, with telephone calls made at the earliest opportunity.  If this contact is not made, parents/carers will be contacted by our Home School Liaison Officer or Child Welfare Lead. In addition, a dedicated email address has been set up to report any Covid related absences – 

The staff team are on hand to support any questions or queries on 01707 620305 or at

Under the Education Regulations 2013 Amendments, holidays in term time will not be authorised by the Headteacher.




Non- attendance procedures for 2021-2022


The school will follow up any absences to ascertain the reason, ensure proper safeguarding action is taken where necessary, identify whether the absence is approved or not and identify the correct attendance code to use. Outlined below is the Woodland procedure for recording and monitoring attendance and following up pupil absence:


•          All class teachers complete registers accurately for each morning and afternoon session

             and they will draw to the Headteacher’s and/or Child Welfare Lead’s attention any

             absences that are cause for concern.


•          Particular attention will be paid to the attendance of pupils who are identified as ‘at risk’ in

            line with our policies for child protection and safeguarding.


•          Children arriving late will be recorded by the Pastoral Officer, and the Child

             Welfare Lead will keep a record of times and occasions that a child is late. This will be

             challenged if repeated incidents are observed.


•          Parents are asked to telephone or notify the school if their child is absent or ill.


•          The Pastoral Officer will make telephone contact with parents when a child is

             absent if they have not notified the school.  This will happen before 9.30am on the

             first day of absence. If there is no response to the call, a text message will then be sent.

             Individual children may be visited by the Child Welfare Lead with the Pastoral Officer

             to follow up the absence.


•          If no reason for absence is received, school will continue to contact the parents/carers on

             each subsequent day that the child is absent following the procedure above.


·               If a child has three separate periods of absence in any school year, a medical evidence

             request letter is sent to parents/carers.


·               If absences continue and no medical evidence is provided, a warning letter (warning of   

      an invite to meeting in school), is sent to the parent/carer.


·              Should absences continue,  parents/carers are invited into school for an attendance and    

     punctuality panel meeting with the Child Welfare Lead.


·              The Child Welfare Lead holds five attendance and punctuality panels throughout the 

     academic year the dates are as follows:

1st Panel (with Child Welfare Lead) Autumn Term 2

2nd Panel (with Child Welfare Lead) Spring Term 1

3rd Panel (with Deputy Head Teacher) Spring Term 1

4th Panel (with Child Welfare Lead and Educational Welfare Officer) Spring Term 2

5th Panel (with Head Teacher & link governor) Summer Term 1


Woodland Community Primary School is allocated 2 cases/families for referral to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) per school year. School can contact the EWO for advice and support with attendance meetings and one-off home visits as and when required.

The Child Welfare Lead, in conjunction with Pastoral Officer, regularly identify poor attenders and those who fail to improve. In these instances, penalty notice warning letters will be sent to parents/carers. If absences continue and the pupil has 20 absences in a 12 week period, the school will request that the LA issue a Penalty Notice – see section 4.2.

The child welfare lead ensures that procedures for safeguarding pupils and continuing to try to improve whole school attendance is a high priority.

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Attendance - Interesting Facts

Whole school attendance since September 2020 until the end of June 2021 stands at 95.42%.

The majority of absences have been authorised this year and this is mainly due to COVID symptoms and families having to isolate.



At Woodland we have 9 LAC, there attendance overall this year has been 97.4%.

The overall attendance for children who are not in care is 95.3%.


We have 6 children with EHCP’s their overall attendance this year is 91.98%.

16 of our children have been on the additional needs register, their attendance this year is 96.6%.

85 of our children are on SEN support, their attendance is 95.35%.

Children with no SEN status, their attendance is 95.4%.



The attendance of children who are not on free school meals this year is 96.7%.

The attendance of children who are on free school meals this year is 93.9%.



The attendance of children who are not Pupil Premium this year is 96.8%

The attendance of children who are Pupil Premium this year is 93.9%.