Attendance and Punctuality

At Woodland, we place great importance on all our pupils attending school regularly and punctually.  School starts at 8.45am, so we expect our children to be ready to enter the building via their allocated entrance point by this time at the latest.  All children after this time, MUST be escorted to the School Office by an appropriate adult to complete a late slip; reasons must be offered for all incidents of lateness.

As a school, we expect parents to inform us fully of all absences, with telephone calls made at the earliest opportunity.  If this contact is not made, parents/carers will be contacted by our Home School Liaison Officer or Child Welfare Lead. 

Under the Education Regulations 2013 Amendments, holidays in term time will not be granted or authorised by the Head teacher.

Attendance and Punctuality Policy


If Learners are to get the greatest benefit from their education in school it is important that they have good attendance and arrive punctually. As learners grow and prepare for their next stages of education and employment they need to see good attendance and punctuality as important qualities that are valued by others and employers as they move through life. We will do all that we can to encourage good attendance and punctuality. Where learners are not conforming to our high expectations for attendance and punctuality we will put into place effective strategies to bring about improvement.

Holidays during term time will NOT be granted, and all such absences will be referred to the Local Authority so as to pursue prosecution. Penalty Notices are an alternative to the existing sanctions available under Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 and Section 36 of the Children Act 1989, allowing parents to discharge liability for conviction for the offence. The fine is £60 per parent per child if paid within 21 days, increasing to £120 per parent per child if paid within 28 days from the date of issue.

In 2013 the Education (pupil registration) (England) (amendment) Regulations 2013 removed references to family holidays and extended leave. The amendments made clear that head teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless ‘exceptional circumstances’ exist.


1. To ensure that all learners attend school well.

2. To ensure that all learners are punctual arriving at school ready to enter the building at 8.45 am.

3. To win the support of parents in ensuring that their children attend school well and that they arrive on time.

4. To keep good records of attendance through the school registers and to take prompt action to follow up absences.

5. To investigate and act immediately where truancy is suspected or confirmed.

6. To work effectively with the LA and other agencies to follow up attendance issues promptly and effectively.

7. To monitor closely pupils with attendance and punctuality issues and to work with parents and where appropriate other agencies to bring about improvement.

8. To monitor the attendance of individuals and groups, including social and ethnic groups, pupils from backgrounds of social disadvantage and those with protected characteristics as identified in the 2010 Single Equalities Act.

9. To monitor the attendance of pupils who are identified as ‘at risk’ in line with our policies for child protection and safeguarding.


1. All staff will complete registers accurately for each session and they will draw to the headteacher’s attention any absences that are cause for concern or suspicion.

2. Particular attention will be paid to the attendance of pupils who are identified as ‘at risk’ in line with our policies for child protection and safeguarding.

3. Learners arriving late will be recorded by Pastoral Staff and the Child Welfare Lead will keep a record of times and occasions that a learner is late and this will be challenged if repeated incidents are observed.

4. Parents will be asked to telephone or notify the school if their child is absent or ill.

5. The school office will make telephone contact with a home when a child is absent if the parents have not notified the school.  This will happen before 9.30am on the first day of absence.

6. Where a learner is developing a pattern of ‘occasional’ absences the parent will be contacted to discuss the pattern of absences at an ‘Attendance Panel’ meeting.

7. The school will follow up absences that are suspicious or causing concern.

Where necessary the school will work closely with the appropriate authorities eg the Local Authority to take action against those unlawfully keeping learners from school.



This school will do all it can to ensure that learners come happily, willingly and punctually to school to ensure that all gain the greatest possible value from their education.