Pupil Leadership

What is the School Council?

The school council is a group of 11 children that work to make improvements to the school and the way we do things at Woodland Community Primary School. It consists of pupils that care passionately for our school and look around for things that could be better through discussions about what to do. Everyone gets a chance to speak and when they’ve finished they vote on the best ideas before working on changing things alongside teachers.

How does the School Council work?

To begin the school year, the children at Woodland Community Primary School learn about democracy in Britain and how we can use this in School. We then have an exciting election campaign with our very own secret ballot. A good representative will speak at the council meetings about things that their year group is interested in. They will also tell their year group about what is going on in the council meetings.

Each class begins by nominating their candidates to run for School Council. Those candidates create posters and give a speech in class, making their values clear to their peers. All the children in that year group then have the opportunity to vote for their year group representative, based on the candidate’s values.

There are some senior positions such as: treasurer, secretary, vice chair and chair. These are represented by our Year 5 and 6. Unlike the councillors these children are elected through a whole school vote.

We always say a huge ‘Well Done!’ to all the children that run for School Council. They do a fantastic job, and make all staff and classes at Woodland very proud.

Who are the School Councillors?

Congratulations to the children that are now the newest members of our School Council. All these children will work in collaboration with our pupils, staff and governing body to help make positive changes to our amazing school.

Chairperson - Logan - Year 6  

I am the Chairperson in charge of the School Council and have been selected by the school to lead the council. I help decide on the agenda – a list of items for discussion. I run the meetings making sure everyone has a chance to have their say. I make sure that decisions are agreed fairly and that a majority of councillors support the decisions. I try to make sure that we discuss everything that is on the agenda and that meetings keep to time. I need to be aware of things we are unable to decide on without first consulting others or carrying out further research.

Deputy Chairperson - Charlotte - Year 6

I am the Deputy Chairperson. I have been elected by the school to help the Chairperson decide on the agenda for the meetings. I stand in for the Chairperson or other members of the council if they are absent from the School Council meetings.

Secretary - Olivia - Year 6 

I am the School Council secretary and have been elected by the school to carry out the paper work and administration. I help the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson in deciding the agenda for the meetings. At the meeting I write the minutes – a record of the most important points raised, any decisions made and how these decisions were reached. I make sure that each councillor has a copy of the minutes so that they can report back to their classes. I am responsible for the School Council file, which contains the minutes, and keep it safe and up to date.

The Treasurer - William - Year 6

I am the school treasurer and I have been elected by the school to help organise and the school council funds, which will be used to help make a difference to our school and the wider community.

The Councillors

Year 1 - Roman 
Year 2 - Laila
Year 3 - Lola
Year 4 - Daniel
Year 5 - Leo
Year 6 - Kaydee-Leigh

We are the school councillors who have been elected by our year group classes to represent them on the School Council. We suggest items for the school council to discuss based on what our class raise in discussions or suggestion boxes. We also feedback our discussions and any decisions made by the School Council to the rest of the school. Sometimes we may take on particular tasks for the school council if we are working on a special project like fund raising.

All School Council members must:

  • be respectful and listen to others views

  • participate actively in meetings

  • share information discussed with their associated year group

  • follow the school rules and be role models to other pupils

  • use their position on School Council to support and develop Woodland and it’s pupils

School Council Aims 2020-21

*Coming soon*

House points at Woodland are used to acknowledge the exceptional work and behaviour of our pupils. It also encourages healthy competition and cooperation within school. It works through dividing all pupils and staff into teams called ‘houses’. Every pupil and staff member is allocated a house when they first join the school (If you are unsure what house you are in check with your teacher). Each includes pupils and staff from every year group.

Our houses are the following:

Sherwood - The Green Team

Epping - The Red Team

Whinfell - The Yellow Team

Delamere - The Blue Team

Across the week, pupils and staff can earn house points for good work, behaviour or participation. The total is announced at the end of each week during our celebration assembly. At the end of each half term, the overall ‘winning’ house is announced and given a ‘house cup’ and a reward for their achievements.

Because we have so many children at Woodland, each House has a House Captain who works alongside a member of staff to collect the points and encourage their team to achieve their best.

Sherwood - Team Captain Miss Lyndon                      House Captain (To be confirmed)

Epping - Team Captain Miss Richards                          House Captain (To be confirmed)

Whinfell - Team Captain Miss Stannard                      House Captain (To be confirmed)

Delamere - Team Captain Mr Collins                           House Captain (To be confirmed)