Our School Improvement Plan

2018 - 2019

The Big Picture

This school improvement plan will make reference for the forthcoming year to Focused priorities
These are the specific initiatives and targets that have been identified for action over the course of the school year. Each of the focused priorities has an individual action plan.

  Focussed Priority Targets to Meet Priority
Focussed Priority 1 To develop Middle and Delegated Leadership across the school
  •  All ‘new leaders’ will be successfully and appropriately inducted into leadership at Woodland
  • To improve communication with all stakeholders (pupils, staff, parents, governors and external agencies)
  • Through an developed distributed leadership model,  provide a more strategic approach to leadership of whole school matters (curriculum, behaviour, inclusion, safeguarding, assessment, teaching & learning etc) as well as within unit/age phases of the school
Focussed Priority 2

 To ensure all pupils and groups make good to outstanding progress in all curriculum areas

  • To set realistic yet challenging targets for all pupils
  • To meet the needs of all pupils through purposeful assessment and good learning and teaching
  • To further embed the whole school pedagogical approach to learning
Focussed Priority 3


To improve the quality of teaching, learning and outcomes for all pupils in all aspects of the Literacy Curriculum, with a particular focus on Writing


  • To ensure leadership of Literacy is of the highest standard
  • To ensure the quality of teaching of Literacy, with a particular focus on Writing, in all classes is at least good
  • To ensure all children make at least good progress in all aspects of Literacy
  • To develop and improve the use of the library by all stakeholders
Focussed Priority 4


To improve provision in all foundation subjects/wider curriculum


  • To redesign the Wider Curriculum for all age groups, so as to outline what knowledge all pupils need to acquire by the end of each year
  • To ensure the leadership of all subject and aspect areas is of the highest standard through the existence of Curriculum Teams
  • To continue to build on existing work and successes in enquiry and reasoning, applying this to all areas of the curriculum
  • To ensure the quality of teaching and learning in all curriculum areas is at least good
  • To ensure outcomes for all pupils in all subject areas are at least good
  • To ensure the curriculum provides breadth, balance and enjoyment for all pupils