Our Staff Team  

Safeguarding Leads 

Mrs G Bradley - Designated Safeguarding Lead (Lead)
Mrs J Cunningham - Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Howarth - Designated Safeguarding Lead


Leadership Team 
Headteacher - Mrs J Cunningham 
Deputy Headteacher - Mrs N Carlile 
Deputy Headteacher - Mr P Stewart 
Assistant Headteacher - Mrs L Dunn
Assistant Headteacher - Mr D Heaton 
Assistant Headteacher - Mrs C Howarth
Assistant Headteacher - Miss L McKnight  
School Business Manager - Mr R Flaherty 
Child Welfare Lead - Mrs G Bradley 

Early Years Foundation Stage 

Unit Leader: Mrs L Dunn (AHT)
Teachers: Mr J Green, Mrs L Dunn and Miss R Stannard 
Support Staff:  Miss G Cunningham, Miss B Whalley and Mrs S Adetona 


Key Stage One 

Unit Leader: Mr D Heaton (AHT) 
Year 1 Teachers: Miss A Richards, Miss H O'Connell, Miss Good and Miss K Hamlin
 Year 1 Support Staff: Mrs D Howarth, Mrs S Kousar, Miss J May, Ms S Bowler (Maternity leave) and Miss D Owen 
 Year 2 Teachers: Mr D Heaton, Miss L Bond and Miss S Grey 
 Year 2 Support Staff: Mrs D Wimbush, Mrs K Sedgley and Miss C Mason 


Lower Key Stage Two 

Unit Leader: Miss L McKnight (AHT)
Year 3 Teachers: Mrs C Livesey and Miss C Lyndon 
Year 3 Support Staff: Mrs N Chadwick and Mrs Lucy Haslam 
Year 4 Teachers: Miss L McKnight, Mrs Farnbank-Harrop and Mr I Salim 
Year 4 Support Staff:  Mrs C Mitchell, Ms C Nixon and Miss R Grimshaw 


Upper Key Stage Two 

Unit Leader: Mrs C Howarth (AHT) 
Year 5 Teachers: Mrs J Keneally and Mr A Collins 
Year 5 Support Staff: Mrs K Bladen, Mrs H Betchley and Miss R Seely 
Year 6 Teachers: Mrs C Howarth, Mr M Dickens and Miss B Atkins 
Year 6 Support Staff: Ms V Lewis and Miss S Greenhouse 


PPA Teacher: Mrs C Hobday 
Precision Teaching & Intervention: Mrs S Connell
Music Teacher - Mrs H Walsh 


Inclusion Team 

Headteacher/ Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs J Cunningham 
Child Welfare Lead/ Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs G Bradley 
Home School Liaison Officer - Ms J Williams 
Assistant Headteacher/ Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs C Howarth 
Assistant Headteacher/ SENDCo/ Designated LAC Teacher - Miss L McKnight   


Office Team 

School Business Manager - Mr R Flaherty
Administrator - Mrs M Johnson
Administrator - Miss C Pickles 


Site Manager - Mr T Sloan 


Lunchtime Staff 

Ms J Goodwin
                                                                                            Ms Z Thomas 
                                                                                            Ms A Langley 

Breakfast Club 

Miss G Cunningham 
Miss B Whalley 
Mrs D Wimbush 
Mrs S Kousar 
Mrs S Adetona


Our Caretaking, Cleaning and Catering team are employed directly by Facilities Management.