The Orchard Room


The Orchard Room was set up in September 2012 to provide a modified curriculum for children who are finding it difficult to access learning in their classroom. A number of groups use the room weekly, at scheduled times during the week and always work with two members of staff.

In the Orchard Room we aim to provide the children with opportunities to:

  • Work in a small scale setting in which they can experience nurturing care from caring adults
  • Experience a predictable, calm and purposeful environment and timetable, free from curriculum pressure
  • Develop their self-esteem and social skills
  • Develop relationships between adults and children, building trust, confidence and reliability

Most of the work that the children do is centred on a number of main areas:

  • Gardening – we have two raised beds, a potting shed and access to the pond area which we are hoping to develop by introducing some new plants, shrubs and trees
  • Cooking – we have a basic kitchen area that allows the children to experience joint activities cooking simple recipes
  • Play Therapy Sessions - children explore feelings and emotions and grow in self confidence by working through sessions based in Messy Play
  • Speech Bubbles - supported by the M6 Theatre Company, small groups of children work with a Drama Practitioner and a member of school based staff to develop confidence
  • Forest Schools - small groups of children work with our three level 3 qualified Forest School Practitioners to further develop social and communication skills; self confidence and to strengthen friendship groups and resilience....and to have really good fun!!

When children work within the Orchard Room, the work they undertake supports the Literacy and Numeracy targets that they work on in the classroom and class lessons, and around Social and Emotional targets that are devised by the Nurture Team.