Writing Challenge at Woodland  

Welcome to our first ever "Writing Challenge!"

Each week Miss Simpson will set a writing challenge for those of you who would like to take part. This is an ideal opportunity for children and parents to work together on a mini writing project, the purpose of which is to inspire children to get involved in activities to improve their literacy- and have lots of fun at the same time! There will be a variety of prizes for each EYFS/KS1 and KS2 winner every week, these will be announced in our Monday assembly. We will also post a range of the writing on the website for everyone to view! The challenge will be set each Monday on the website and read aloud in assembly,  you will have two weeks to complete the activity and hand it to your teacher.


Challenge 8

The 'mystery' challenge...

Take a look at the image below, where does the path lead? Your challenge is to write a description of the mystery setting at the end of the path. Is it a haunted ouse full of ghastly surprises or a secret garden filled with enchanted creatures and plants? The choice is yours but make sure you remember to use lots of descriptive language including: similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification. You will need to create a picture of the setting in the reader's mind. Be as creative and imaginative as possible! Good Luck!


  /site-content/1/Year 6/mystery writing paper.docx

Challenge 7

The 'recount' challenge...

As we are about to embark upon the well deserved Easter break, two whole weeks off school, we thought a recount of your time off was very appropriate. We want to hear all about the adventures you encounter, the people and places you visit, the Easter eggs you demolish and anything else you happen to get up to during your time off. Remember your recounts should be written in first person, past tense and make sure they include lots of descriptive language so we can really picture it. Good Luck and have a safe and happy Easter!


Challenge 6

The 'Poetry' challenge...

Your new challenge is to write an amazing poem about your favourite colour. You might want to describe the colour, things which are this colour or, how this colour makes you feel. You could include similes, alliteration and metaphors along with rhyming words however the choice is yours. Are you up for the challenge...?!

Here are a couple of examples to help you get started.

What Is Gold?

Gold is the nice, smooth sand.

Gold is a sparkling antique.

Gold is a seashell washing up on the thick shore.

Gold is the happiest joy inside of people.

Gold is a gleaming locket around your neck.

Gold is a star shining in the moonlight.

Gold is a crown full of beautiful jewels.

Gold is the sun glimmering in the daylight.

Gold is a sun shiny, gorgeous day.


Yellow Is Awesome

Yellow is the colour of a golden retriever.

It's also the colour of the nice, shining sun.

And the smooth buttercup

Sparkling, when morning is done.

Yellow is awesome.

Yellow in lemonade

A shining fish swimming through

The bluest water.

Yellow is the flaming fire in your


Yellow is awesome.

Update: Wow! We can tell that children at Woodland love to write poetry! We were unindated with entries and again found it very difficult to choose winners. However, we have reached a decision and can reveal that the Key Stage 1 winner is Evie from Elm class and the Key Stage 2 winner is Harriet Isherwood from Willow class. Congratulations to everyone who entered, it could be you next time!

Challenge 5

The "Pirate Diary" challenge.

Here is our pirate captain. At the end of his busy day he sits down and writes a diary about what has happened. You need to write his diary entry. What has he done today? Where has he been? Who are his crew? What is his boat called? Where has he sailed? Has he been on land? What happened? You can use the paper below or you could even create your own paper by using some tea bags and staining some paper!

Remember to use your neatest handwriting to make sure I can read it properly and keep your paper neat! Good luck and happy writing!!

/site-content/1/Year 6/pirate paper.doc

Update: Fantastic work Woodland writers! We had some wonderful diary entires from both Key Stage 1 and 2 which showed you all have great imaginations. Our winners for this challenge are: Yuri from Year 2 Beech and Ruby from Year 4 Hazel. Well done to everyone who entered, keep up the hard work and look out for the next challenge.



Challenge 4

The "Friendly Robot" challenge. Have a look at the picture of the robot. Who is he or she? What is it called? What has happened to the bee? Are they friends? How did it get into the forest? Can you describe the robot and create a story with it as a character?


Perhaps it is has crash landed on Earth?

Maybe the bee has landed on his planet and he is helping it get home?

Maybe the robot is stranded in the forest and the bee helps him get out?

You have two weeks to complete the challenge.

Click here to download a copy of the writing challenge write up sheet. Don't forget to put your class and your full name on your entry!

/site-content/1/Year 6/robot.doc


Update: Wow! What a lot of talented writers we have. It was a really hard choice with lots of entries this week and some really exciting story ideas. With so many to pick from I had to select four winners this week. So well done to Mikey in Y2 Holly, Rubi in Y2 Holly, Robin in Y3 Maple and Victoria in Y6 Rowan. Please remember to make sure your full name and class are on your entry as without these your entry can't be accepted.

Challenge 3

The "Awesome Animal factfile" challenge. As requested by one of our younger members of the school, this week's challenge is a non-fiction challenge all about your favourite amazing animal.


Things to consider: What is its diet? What country does it live in? What fabulous features does it have? How large do they grow? What is its habitat like? Is it deadly? What makes it your Number 1 amazing animal? Does it migrate?

Click here to download your paper to add your entry. You can draw or stick on an image of your animal.

/site-content/1/Year 6/fact_file_frame.doc

Update: We had such a lot of wonderful pieces of writing for our animal factfile challenge. This time our two winners are Abbie Smith in Year 5 Birch and Ian Fisher in Year 3 Maple. Well done for some fabulous writing! It was lovely to see some of you included your own pets as your amazing animals.

By Ian Fisher Year 3 Maple

Challenge 2

The "What Happened?" challenge- To be completed by Friday 28th November.

Can you explain what has happened for the house to end up like this? Was it a giant sand storm? Is it inside an enormous sandcastle? Who lives here? What do they do? Write no more than one page.

Remember: Yours may have some action and some description. Think about how you will hook the reader in with your first line. Don't forget... every tiny detail matters!

e.g. All was quiet and then...

He had left the house at 8.30am to go to work, as the door shut the large picture of the beach began to empty itself onto the living room floor...

As she opened her eyes she realised her wish had come true...

Click here to download your paper to write your entry on!

/site-content/1/Year 6/what happened paper.doc

Update: Once again it has been an incredibly difficult choice as there have been so many wonderful pieces of work! This week's winners are Hope in Y2 Aspen, Abbie Hallam in Y3 Yew and Anita Janus in Year 3 Maple. You will get your prizes in assembly. Well done for some amazing pieces of writing and once again it was so nice to see that adults at home have been helping with the tasks. Keep it up!

By Anita Janus in Year 3 Yew


Challenge 1

Hallowe'en Challenge- To be completed by Friday 7th November.

In EXACTLY 100 words, can you describe a spooky haunted house?

Remember to: Use lots of juicy adjectives, vary your sentences and think about how to create suspense and tension. Don't go over the 100 word limit! Good luck and get writing!

We have already had some wonderful entries, I am really excited to read them and to pick our winners. Make sure you put your name and class on the challenge and if you need an extra sheet you can download one here...good luck and get writing!

/site-content/1/Year 6/spider_and_skulls_halloween_border.doc

 Update: Wow what a fabulous start to our competition! I had so many examples it was hard to pick a winner. After much deliberation the 3 winners for this week are: Isabelle Stott in Year 1 Oak, Daisy Power in Year 2 Aspen and Sean Woodbridge in Year 4 Juniper! Well done you wonderful writers. You will get your prizes in assembly! 

By Sean Woodbridge Year 4 Juniper