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Welcome to Reception!


Spring 1 2018

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We will begin by looking at non-fiction books about animals to find out facts and learn the difference between fact and fiction.  We will explore poetry and rhyme linked to jungle and sea creatures using the books ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and ‘Rumble in the Jungle.  The children will use their growing phonic knowledge to write captions and sentences for lots of different purposes including to write labels for their models and captions for their paintings.  The children will  learn about the rules for writing sentences including leaving finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.


We will be exploring teen numbers at the beginning of this half term and then move on to measuring the length, height and weight of different objects. The children will practise counting on and counting back to add and subtract in lots of different  contexts and use the language of calculation to talk about their number stories.


Our topic this half term in Reception is Animals. We will be looking at animals in the Polar regions, wild animals, sea animals, pets and farm animals.  The children will learn about the different animal habitats, what they like to eat and the similarities and differences between animals.  We will be using the virtual reality headsets to take a close up look at animals in their natural habitats.  We are also hoping  for a visit from Dogs Trust to learn about safety around dogs and how to care for them.


In phonics children are continuing to learn Phase 2 and Phase 3 letters and sounds.

The graphemes that we are currently learning are:

Image result for phase 2 phonics      Image result for phase 2 phonics

We have different actions to support us in remembering the different letters and sounds. An example of some of the actions that we use can be found by following this link

Using their phonic knowledge, children are beginning to segment words to spell them.

The children are doing so well with their letter formation and are trying really hard with the pre-cursive script.

Image result for alphabet in pre cursive script


M6 theatre company

The whole of Reception were spellbound by the M6 production of 'One Little Word'. This was a tale of the relationship between two friends who struggled to work together and get along but found a way in the end by saying 'one little word'...sorry.  Since the visit the children have enjoyed implementing some of the ideas from the play in our outdoor role play area.



 Freddie Fit

Our strength and stamina was tested this time with a number of different challenges.  The boys chllenged the girls in the strength test and the result was a draw. Since his last visit, our hula hooping and coordination has impoved a great deal! We all had lots of fun.



Chicks have arrived in Reception

We had the wonderful opportunity o watch eggs hatch in the incubator and watch our fluffy new classmates grow and grow over 2 weeks. The children learnt lots about the life cycle of a hen and loved sitting in the 'Chick observation station'.






World Book Day 2017

Children came to school dressed as their favourite book character and took part in many activities linked to the story, 'Quest'. Well done everybody, you all looked fabulous!





We also visited the school library and shared a book with our friend.



Have you seen the Big Bad Wolf?

The Big Bad wolf has been causing chaos in Reception at Woodland. He has destroyed our fort, messed up our outdoor area and left footprints around our classroom. To help us solve the mystery of the Big Bad Wolf we phoned the police to help us, PCSO Gemma and Dom came in to speak to the children and take witness reports to help catch him.



Shape hunt

We have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes. We explored our outdoor environment to see which 2d and 3d shapes we could find.

Can you name all of the shapes?





Chinese New Year

Children in Reception celebrated Chinese New Year by taking part in a dragon dance. Each child decorated and created a crown to wear as well as creating their own dragon head for the parade. We had lots of fun!




We also played Chinese whispers, not many of the messages got all around the circle!  




Making Gingerbread Men

After reading the story of The Gingerbread Man children looked at what ginger was and the different forms that it comes in. We followed a recipe to make Gingerbread Men and then wrote our own recipe booklets to help others make their own.




Making fruit smoothies

Within our topic 'Changes' we explored changes in state. Children followed a recipe to make a fruit smoothie, they were delicious!




Cafe - 'Changes' Entry Point Spring 1

Our entry point for the new topic 'Changes' was a cafe morning. On the days leading up to the cafe morning children made menus, price lists and door signs. During our entry point children tasted foods that can change their state, such as chocolate - solid and melted, ice cubes and bread.

Some children were chosen to be the waiters and waitresses during our cafe morning, they did a fantastic job taking the orders and waiting on tables.





Santa came to town!

Santa came to visit Woodland and brought his reindeer with him. The children visited the grotto to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas.





Christmas stay and play

Our grown ups came into Reception to take part in lots of different Christmas craft, we decorated biscuits, made reindeer hats and made Christmas baubles.




The Littlest Snowflake

A theatre company came in to perform the pantomime, 'The littlest snowflake' for the children in Reception and Year 1. It was very good and the children really enjoyed it!



The children even got a tasty ice lolly to enjoy after the show.



Christmas Dinner Day

The children loved their Christmas dinner in school. Lots of children wore their Christmas jumper to school, there was lots of dancing in the aisles to all of the Christmas tunes that were playing.




Freddy Fit

Children have taken part in a session with Freddy Fit today. All of the children took part and did so well with each of the activities that Freddy Fit had for them. Well done Boys and Girls!



Music with Mr Parr

The chidren have loved taking part in their weekly music lesson with Mr Parr. Children learn new songs and use instruments to play as an accompanyment.



Reception's Reading morning

Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend our Reading morning.

The children really enjoyed it and loved sharing the different activities that we do in school with you. 




Smiletime Toothbrushing

Today Kelly Nicholls came in to talk to the children about the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day and the foods that are good for our teeth and those which are not.

The children each have their own toothbrush in class and brush their teeth after lunch.




First week in Woodland!

Wow! All of the children have done so well in their very first week of 'Big School'. We have been very busy, building, painting, singing, writing and counting. Not to mention getting to know all of our new classmates.

Well done Apple and Plum class, we are very proud of how well you have settled.