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Summer 1: 2017



This term in literacy we are looking at the non fiction text, ‘Your Local Area’ by Ruth Thomson. We will learn the key features of a non fiction text and began to use them in our writing. As we become more confident using these features we will create our own information page all about our school.


We will then move on to a poetry anthology entitled ‘What I like’ by Gervase Phinn. This is a lovely book packed with a variety of poetry styles and themes. Children will focus on ‘Noises Off’, a non rhyming poem about noises in our environment. We will explore the structure of the text before imitating and then innovating to write our own poem.


As well as discovering a variety of texts, our focus is also on using full stops, finger spaces, capital letters and pre cursive writing. We will also be making sure we check the sounds in our words and the words in our sentence.


Numeracy and Reasoning


It is another busy term from maths in year 1. We will begin by learning how to read and write numbers in numerals and words before moving on to look at volume and capacity. We will be set a challenge when we look at addition and subtraction as we start to become familiar with the bar model method to help us solve problems. As term progresses we will look at volume and capacity, fractions, position and direction and 3D shapes.


Reasoning will follow the numeracy covered this term and will continue to make our brains ‘sizzle’. We are becoming much better at explaining how we know something and making our thinking clear to others. This is helping our fluency in maths lessons as we become more confident in fundamental mathematical concepts.




We are so proud of our regular readers at Woodland. Some children have made it to their gold badge in the Woodland Reading Championship! It is so important to read at home daily as it really helps to consolidate and develop skills introduced in school.


Please remember to sign your child’s reading diary and bring their books into school every day.


Children are taught a variety of strategies to decode words. Ask them if they can tell you all about:


Block and reveal



Segmenting and blending.


When decoding unfamiliar words children can also point to the letters and say the sounds.



Our topic this term is 'Buildings'. This will encompass geography, history, DT and science. We will be looking at famous buildings before moving onto looking closely at the features of different buildings. We will be doing lots of designing and modeling as well as comparing old and new buildings. 

We will also be working scientifically this term to test the strength of model bridges. This means we will be working as real scientists and thinking about fair testing. After looking at existing bridges, we will design and model our own structure before testing the strength using weights.






We are really lucky this term as coaches from Manchester United will be visiting every Tuesday to help us become footballers. We have been working as a team and learning basic passing and dribbling skills.


Please make sure your child has the correct kit of shorts, white t-shirt and pumps. Please can you make sure children who wear earrings remove them on these days? Thank you.


In addition to the PE days we also complete a ten minute daily mile.



Forest Schools


This term children in year 1 will be taking part in Forest Schools. This is our chance to get outside and explore the pond area at Woodland. During Forest Schools we work as a team and look after each other. We learn how to be responsible in the outside environment and develop our curiosity and skills of inquiry. Ash and Oak participate on different days. Letters will be sent home detailing any information. Ask your child about things they built and what they found!



Spring 2: 2017



This term we looked at the descriptive story ‘Train Ride’ by June Crebbin. The children really enjoyed using the repetitive pattern to create their own version of the story. We became really good at asking questions using a question mark. After that we moved on to ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. We have learnt how to change verbs into the past tense to create a recount. We have been on our own journey and are looking forward to writing about what we did.





We started spring term by using standard units of measure to record the weight and the length of different objects. We have also focused on multiplication and division by drawing arrays and groups. Then we moved onto fractions and found out how to find ¼ of objects, shapes and quantities. Recently we learnt our left from our right and began to describe and perform whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns. We are now solving problems relating to time. Why not ask your child to tell the time to o’clock or half past?





Our topic has been ‘Our World’. We have found out about animals and their habitats. This included designing and making a bird feeder. We also made maps of our playground and used them to find clues for a puzzle. After that we looked closely at plants, discovering and naming the different parts. We are finishing the topic by learning all about the weather and the different tools scientists use to measure it.

Spring 1: 2017



This term in literacy we will be looking at a range of texts beginning with ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris. We will explore different dragons using descriptive language and then create our very own version of the story. Next we will move on to learning how to write and respond to a letter, focusing on asking questions. Finally we will read ‘On the Road’ and continue to work on writing a recount.


Numeracy and Reasoning

This term we will be learning to find 1 more and 1 less than any number. We will then move on to weight and mass before working on our knowledge of 2D shapes. Finally we will develop our understanding of addition and subtraction before moving on to solving problems.


Children are enjoying daily reasoning lessons where their thinking skills are put to the test. We also send reasoning homework home every Friday. Reasoning is all about discussing and proving mathematical arguments. We encourage everybody at home to join in on the fun as it all helps to develop those reasoning skills.



This term during our work in our topics of Celebrations we will investigate the change in state of jelly. The children will design their own learning and make predictions about what they think might happen. We will then be exploring seasonal changes. Children will then move on to identifying, comparing and classifying a variety of common animals.



Lots of children have already received their bronze badge in the Woodland Reading Championship! We are so pleased to see so many children reading and enjoying books. It is so important to read at home daily as it really helps to consolidate and develop skills introduced in school.

Please remember to sign your child’s reading diary and bring their books into school every day.




PE Days are as follows:

Ash Class: Tuesday

Oak Class: Wednesday

Can you please ensure that your child has the correct kit of shorts, white t-shirt and pumps? Please can you make sure children who wear earrings remove them on these days? Thank you.

In addition to the PE days we also complete a ten minute daily mile.


Walk to School Initiative

We are part of a walk to school initiative where children are asked to complete a travel tracker every morning. We want to encourage children to choose a more active way to come to school. If you walk, ride a bike/ scooter, or even just walk a little bit further from the car, your child has the chance to be rewarded with a special badge. See how many you can collect!

Autumn 2: 2016


This term during literacy we will be looking at a non-fiction book, ‘Knights’ by Annabelle Lynch. Children will be learning lots of new vocabulary about all things chivalrous.

It would be great if you could practice these words with your children at home:

Knight, squire, battle, weapon, defend, lance, jousting, chivalry, armour.


We will practice writing questions about Knights whilst looking at the features of the book. Towards the middle of the term children will be writing their own non-fiction book in the style of ‘Knights’.

We will be discussing different types of jobs and creating our own book with the purpose to inform.


Later in the term, we move on to look at a story entitled ‘Stuck’ by Oliver Jeffers. This is a lovely book about Floyd, who gets his kite stuck in a tree. Floyd throws all kinds of things at the tree to try and free his kite with hilarious consequences. Children will be exploring the book through drama before adapting and retelling their own version of the book.



We are really pleased to see so many children reading every night. It really helps to improve reading skills.


There are lots of strategies children can use to help them decode words – ask your child to demonstrate a few! It is also really important to develop understanding of a book. Having a chat about the book is a really lovely way to develop these skills.


Some children are extremely close to receiving their bronze badge as part of Woodland’s Reading Championship. Keep reading at home and we will be giving out lots of awards soon!




20 books = bronze badge

40 books = silver badge

60 books = gold badge

100 books = Bookmark

140 books = book token.


Numeracy/ Reasoning


We began the term by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and have been doing lots of reasoning with sequencing of numbers. We will be moving onto fractions where children will be halving and quartering pizzas and chocolate. Later in the term we will explore capacity and volume, money and time.

You could help your child by giving them experiences using money to pay for items in the shop, encourage your child to tell you the names of the different coins.


Our reasoning lessons will continue to complement our numeracy lessons and are invaluable in promoting deeper mathematical thinking and fluency. Children enjoy solving problems using skills learned in lessons and particularly like proving each other wrong using mathematical vocabulary!




Our topic this term is ‘People of the Past’. We will be learning about iconic figures like, Pablo Picasso, Christopher Columbus, Wolfgang Mozart, Sir Edmund Hillary and LS Lowry.  We began the topic by; creating masterpieces in the style of Picasso and Lowry; conducting a symphony composed by Mozart; charting Columbus’ voyage to the New World; and followed in the footsteps of Hillary by packing a bag for Everest. All inside the classroom, of course! We will continue to look at these famous figures in the context of History, Geography, Science and Art throughout the term.



During PE this term, we are becoming gymnasts. Children will be learning about different shapes they can make with their body as well as experimenting with different jumps and rolls. Freddie Fit will also be making another visit later in the term for some more Freddie fun.


Autumn 1: 2016


This term during literacy we have been looking at the poem, ‘Oi Frog’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field. The poem featured lots of silly rhymes and children experimented with rhyming words to create their own rhyming sentences. We also talked about verbs and how they describe an action. Children had lots of fun acting out different verbs which helped them to innovate their rhyming sentences. We came up with some wonderful work and children produced some lovely rhyming poems.


This week we have moved on to look at the story, ‘The Woods’ by Paul Hoppe. The story features a little boy, who combats scary bears, humungous giants, fire breathing dragons and terrifying monsters by looking after them when they are scared or upset. Children will be learning to retell the story using the features from the text before eventually retelling their own version of the tale.

We will be learning to compose and write a sequence of correctly punctuated sentences.



It is really important to read every night, children benefit from 1 to 1 reading outside of school and we love reading your comments in Reading record books!

Your child is part of Woodland’s Reading Championship! Children receive rewards in school for the number of books they read at home-

20 books = bronze badge

40 books = silver badge

60 books = gold badge

100 books = Bookmark

140 books = book token.

Year 1 are aiming for everybody to be on a bronze badge by October half term.

We can do it!


There are lots of activities you can do to support your child’s reading at home.

Below are some links which will support your child with reading:





Come along to our Meet the teacher / Guided reading event on Wednesday 28th September at 9.30 am for more ideas on how you can develop your child’s reading skills.


Numeracy/ Reasoning


It has been a very busy term so far in our numeracy lessons. We started with counting forwards and backwards to 100; moved on to counting in 2s, 5s and 10s; zoomed into solving problems with length, height and weight; and now we’re tackling addition and subtraction! Phew! Later on in the term we will be looking at number bonds to 20 before naming common 2D and 3D shapes.

Our reasoning lessons provide children the opportunity to develop their skills in problem solving. Children are encouraged to provide an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language. Such opportunities develop children’s number sense and overall conceptual understanding in mathematics.




Our topic this term has been ‘Say Cheese/ What’s it made of?’ Children began by taking pictures on i pads and digital cameras. We took pictures of toys for our class toy shop and also had a go at using the StoryKit app to add audio to some pictures. We have now moved on to ‘What’s it Made of?’ which develops children’s knowledge about materials and their properties. We have conducted experiments to see which materials are waterproof and will move on to creating our own toys to go in the class toy shop.



During PE this term, we are taking part in Dance lessons. Children are learning how to follow clear instructions and will be learning to travel in different ways. We were also lucky to be joined by Freddie Fit earlier in the term. Children enjoyed different exercises and worked in teams to race each other with Hula Hoops.



The children are very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn Spanish with a fluently Spanish speaking teacher.

Mrs Oliver provides a fun filled and musical session each week where the children learn some basic Spanish vocabulary. This term we are learning Spanish numbers, colours and the names of some animals.





March 2017

We have had another packed term with lots of exciting things going on in school. Our entry point was very exciting, we followed a map to find clues to tell us what our new topic would be. We have spent much of the time outside, investigating our environment. We went on a habitat hunt and found lots of frog spawn in the pond. Some of us even found frogs hopping around!


World Book day was on 3rd March this year. It was so lovely to see all of your children dressed as book characters. We spent the day exploring the wordless book ‘Quest’ by Aaron Becker. The children really enjoyed predicting where the secret door might lead to. We discussed settings and came up with lots of imaginative ideas for the character to get lost in. We ended the day by creating pieces of art which depicted the rainbow of colours found at the end of the book.


It was wonderful to spend a morning creating lots of Easter themed crafts with you all. Grown ups and children alike enjoyed making eggs, chicks and bunnies ready for a happy Easter. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us.


October 2016

We have had a wonderfully fun filled, first half term at Woodland.

We thoroughly enjoyed the parents reading session and more recently it was thrilling to watch the Mighty Zulu Nation. A Dance company from South Africa who play loud drums and dance energetically.

Year One had a great time and couldn’t wait to write all about their experiences.


September 2016

Come and Join us on the 28th September for a reading morning in Year 1!

We are really looking forward to sharing our love for reading with the Year 1 parents and have planned a selection of activities that are regularly carried out in school to help your children to read.