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2018 - 2019


Year 2 PE days are: 

Yew - Tuesday & Thursday

Maple - Wednesday & Thursday

Please ensure that children have a white t-shirt, black shorts and suitable footwear

Spring 1


In English, we are reading the text ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies. Within this unit, we will be exploring the character development, emotional response and friendships. This will give us the opportunity to further our reading skills by       participating in discussions about books, building on our own and others' ideas and challenging views. The children will have lots of opportunities to write in different styles, for example: poetry, lists, instructions, setting descriptions, letters and short stories to build on the skills that we developed during the last term.


In Maths, we will continue to secure our knowledge of calculation using the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by           recapping each of the methods. We will also begin to develop our knowledge of geometry by learning the different properties of 2d and 3d shapes. We will also be looking at capacity and volume and using different mathematical symbols.


Within Science, we will be continuing to explore the question ‘How can you be the next Jessica Ennis?’ Throughout this unit, we will continue to learn about the human body. We will explore further the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the negative impact of an unhealthy lifestyle. We will work scientifically to plan and carry out different investigations to further our skills in science.


In Topic, we will be looking at “Why do we love to be beside the seaside?” Within this unit we will be learning about geographical features of seaside    resorts and how this differs to Heywood. We will also lean about the role of the RNLI and lighthouses. We will look at how the seaside has changed overtime and why people like to go on holiday by the sea.

Autumn 2



In English this half term, we will be focussing our reading and writing on the text ’Lila and the Secret of Rain’ by David Conway and Jude Daly. The aims are to explore the themes within the book and the country of Africa. The children will do this through creative writing, and explore this with confidence through writing for a real purpose and audience. We will be looking at using speech bubbles and direct speech in our writing. Through looking at Africa, we will be creating fact files and non-chronological reports and writing poems and narratives. We will try to incorporate as much description into our writing as possible.


In Maths, we will be focussing on statistics, both drawing and interpreting data. In fractions, we will be learning how to find simple fractions of shapes and numbers. We will be learning about money and how to recognise coins and solve problems involving money. We will build on our knowledge of time and how to tell the time on digital and analogue clocks, any help that the children have at home with practicing time will greatly help their progress in this subject area.


Our science focus this half term is “How could we be the next Jessica Ennis-Hill or Harry Kane?”. Through this we will learn how our body works and how to keep healthy; we will look at the different parts of the skeleton and why the skeleton is important for us. We will also be looking at the different food groups and how these are important for a healthy balanced diet.


Our topic enquiry is “Where would you prefer to live: England or Africa?” Through this topic we will further explore the continents and oceans of our planet. We will discuss how the weather is different around the world and some of the factors that effect the different climates. We will look at the      similarities and differences between our culture and that of Kenya in Africa. One of our exciting tasks will be to create a clay pot similar to those used in African culture.


Autumn 1


In Literacy we are learning to read and write in the role of a character; create poems; write letters and create instructions. We will learn to use expanded noun phrases by using adjectives to describe nouns e.g. the bright yellow sun. We will continue working on our cursive handwriting, in particular letter formation and also making sure we use capital letters, commas and full stops correctly. We will focusing on one book for the half term, which is called Beegu.


In maths we are focusing on multiplying 2, 3, 5 and 10s. Measuring using cm/m and g/Kg. We will start to look at using the column method for addition and subtraction.  We will be learning how to spell and write words to 100 both written and in numerals. Finally we will be identifying and describing the properties of 2d shapes, where we can find them in the world and finding lines of symmetry.


Within Science this half-term we are looking at the key question: Which materials are used to build the Trafford Centre? We will be comparing the uses of everyday materials in and around the Trafford Centre and school with materials found in other places (at home, on the journey to school, on visits, and in stories, rhymes and songs); observing closely, identifying and classifying the uses of different materials, and recording their observations.


Within topic this half –term we are looking at the question: What would an alien from outer-space like about our city? During this topic we will be using maps to look at our local area and places within the U.K. We will also be looking at the physical features and important building within the local area. We will be thinking about what we could do to improve our town.






Spring 1

M6 theatre company - A Little Gift

We were lucky enough to be visited by the M6 theatre company who put on a performance for us. The production was called 'A Little Gift'. It was about a character called Ted, who lived alone and wanted to make some friends. We really enjoyed the show and even had the chance to ask the actors some questions.

Freddy Fit

In January, we all took part in a circuit training session with Freddy Fit. Within this we participated in a range of exercises such as: crunches, burpees, press ups and squats. We had to work as part of a team to motivate and support each other in order to carry out each exercise safely. It was lots of fun!


ENTRY POINT – Why do we love to live beside the seaside?

To begin our topic, we worked in independently to create our own Heywood Rocks. We created these express our selves in an artistic way. We designed them to represent the colours of our own personality. Once we have finished them will will hide them around the local area for people to find.


Christmas Craft with parents

To begin our Christmas festivities at Woodland, we took part in Christmas workshops with our parents and carers. Within these we created our own gingerbread houses and also challenged our parents and carers to Christmas challenges and quizzes. We also listened to our favourite Christmas songs.



This half term, Year 2 will be continuing their coaching with Lancashire Cricket coaches. We will be learning lots of different skills used within cricket and applying these within games. We are all very excited to build on the skills that we developed in Autumn 1!

Window to the world - India

Our first Window to the World was focussed on India. We located India on a World map, learnt about Indian food and some of the traditional Indian celebrations. We then spent the rest of the day designing our own Rangoli patterns. We enjoyed our Indian dancing workshop, where we got to wear Indian clothes and learn a traditional Indian dance.


Science Entry Point

To introduce our new science enquiry question ''How can I be the next Jess Ennis-Hill or Harry Kane?''.  We went out into the playground and collected lots of different materials that we then used to build a skeleton. We learnt all of the different names for bones put them together in the correct order.


Autumn 1



We have been exploring which materials the Trafford Centre is made from. In our science lessons, we have described the properties of bircks, metal and glass. As a design project, we collected lots of different items such as: plastic, cardboard, egg boxes and straws. We then designed our own building and built it using these materials.


Topic Exit Point

Our special adults came in to school to see the wonderful work we have been doing about Beegu. We worked with our grown-ups to design and make our own 'Guide to Earth'.


Topic Entry Point

Something has crashed into the pnd area! Year 2 went to investigate the strange ship that crashed into the pond area to see if we can decide what it is. We came to the conclusion that an alien spaceship had landed on the plaground and there must be an alien roaming around the school. Let's see if we can help!

Christmas Craft with parents