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Welcome to Year 2 2016/2017

Spring 2 2017


We will begin the half term learning how to read and understand instructions, we will look at the features and begin to write our own instructions to make a disgusting sandwich. We will then use the text 'Splat says Thank You!' by Rob Scotton to introduce the children to subordinate clauses. We will follow the same structure to write our own Thank You sentences. The focus of the last 2 weeks will be based upon Riddles. We will learn to read and understand the features of riddles, before writing our own.



This half term we will be learning to use the column method to solve addition and subtraction problems. We will be creating patterns using mathematical objects and symbols and continuing number sequences. The children will learn that there are 1000g in 1kg and will learn to read scales to weigh and compare objects accurately. We will revisit fractions, finding fractions of amounts using 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 3/4 and understand that 2/4 is equivalent to 1/2. Finally, we will end the half term learning to tell the time to 5 minute intervals, to and past the hour.



Our topic this half term is The Great Fire of London. We will be learning about how the fire started, why the fire spread so quickly and compare the difference between fire fighting in the past to the present day. We will also look at why Samuel Pepys' diary is a historical source of evidence about the Great Fire of London.

Spring 1 2017


​Our literacy work, this half term, will be focused on the book WANTED: The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton. We will be learning to use commas correctly in list sentences, using expanded noun phrases to add detail and innovating a story by changing the characters.                



We will then be learning to write instructions and focus on the correct choice of verb, using the text 'The Disgusting Sandwich' by Gareth Edwards. We will be using time conjunctions to sequence and order the instructions.




​This half term we will be focusing on understanding the place value of each digit in a 2-digit number, ordering and comparing numbers. We will also be indentifying 2d faces on a 3d shape as well as other properties of 3d shapes. Year 2 will learn that there are 1000ml in 1 litre and begin to compare the capacity of different containers. Following this we will be adding coins to make a total and calculating the change needed from amounts up to £2. We will end the half term focusing on multiplication and division.




Our topic this half term is ''The Earth our home Habitat''. We will be looking at different habitats around the world and their features. We will be learning about how animals survive in their different habitats and how they are suited to live there. We will finish the topic by designing and creating our own habitat.


In science we will be learning about animals and plants in different habitats, what makes them suitable to their habitat, weather patterns in different climates and how they are all different. We will also be learning about the life cycle of a plant and investigating what a plant needs to survive.




Autumn 2 2016


​This half term our literacy work will be based around the fiction text 'Previously' by Allan Ahlberg. We will begin to learn the story by using Talk for Writing actions and creating story maps to retell the main events from the story. We will then create a story following the same structure based on a given traditional tale, before writing our own story on a well-known book or film of our choice. We will continue to add more detail within our writing through the use of expanded noun phrases and we will also focus on using the past and present tense correctly.                                    


We will then work on the non-fiction text 'What Happens When' by Delphine Chedru. We will start by making predictions and discussing what might happen to each object within the text, before creating our own class book about what might happen when we lose objects. We will also focus on using question marks correctly, by creating our own questions and sentences based on what might happen to items of our choice.                                                      



In Numeracy this half term we will begin by learning to recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, including recognising odd and even numbers. We will then be interpeting pictograms, block diagrams, tally charts and simple charts and collecting our own data to construct some of our own. Year 2 will also learn to recognise, find, name and write fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 2/4, 3/4 of a length, shape, set of objects, or quantity. We will be doing lots of work on money, in order to recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p) and combining amounts to make a particular value. Finally, by the end of the term we will be learning to tell and write the time to quarter past and to the hour, including drawing the hands on a clock to show these times.



​This half term our topic is called 'Time Travellers' which involves us learning all about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Bonfire night each year. We will be carrying out research to find out who Guy Fawkes was and who planned the Gunpowder Plot and why. We will also be  performing a role play of the story of the Gunpowder plot and using a variety of techniques to create firework pictures.




​In science Year 2 will be learning to identify a range of everyday materials and sorting them into groups. We will be making comparisons between various materials and investigating why certain materials are suitable for their use. 



Autumn 1 September 2016


We will begin the year by looking at poems on the theme of weather. We will learn a poem from memory and add actions to help us remember it.  We will learn to use expanded noun phrases to describe objects, inorder to write our own poems. Some examples of  expanded noun phrases are bright, yellow sun,   stripy, curved rainbow and cold, white snowflakes.

Then we will look at the information text  'What do you do with a tail like this?' by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page.  We will be identifying the verbs used and choosing different verbs to play around with the meaning of the text.  We will then use the structure of this text, to help us create our own text about the special clothes people wear.


Children will continue to bring home reading books and need to bring them to school everyday. Please remember to sign your child's reading diary to show they have read at home.  Some of the children will now begin to read longer books. We suggest that they read between 10-15 pages a time and spend the time discussing the book with you, looking at tricky vocabulary or thinking about how the events in the story link together. Children need to be able to discuss the texts they read to develop their understanding of a wide variety of texts.


Children will now be bringing weekly spellings home. These are based on the graphemes (written sound) that they are learning at school.  During phonics sessions they will look at the graphemes and the rules that apply and practise reading and writing words and sentences using them.They will also have some high frequency words to learn to spell which will help to improve thier fluency as writers too. Spellings will be checked on a Friday. Please encourage your child to practise their spelling at home, using the cursive script we use at school.


In Year 2 we really have to work hard on our mental recall of number facts. We have already looked at counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. We need to learn the 2x, 5x and 10x table facts at speed. Some good websites to help chidlren to develop this recall at speed include Hit the button and Underwater times tables.

We will be learning to read and write numbers upto 100 in numbers and words and understand the value of each digit in the numbers. The children will be introduced to the symbols for GREATER THAN > and LESS THAN < and using these to compare weights in grams and kilograms and lenghts in centimeters and meters.

We will be using our number bonds of 10 to recap bonds of 20 e.g. 2 + 8 = 10 so 12+8=20 so 20+80 =100.   We will then learn to add and subtract a 2 digit number to ones, then tens, then to another 2 digit number. Finally this half term we will learn about the properties of 2D shapes using the correct vocabulary of edges and vertices and look for lines of symmetry in simple shapes.



During this term our topic is Superhumans. We are going to be finding out why exercise, good hygiene and a balanced diet are important for us.  We will also look at the human life cycle and learn what humans and other animals need in order to survive. We will carry out some investigations using our senses too.


Both Holly class and Beech class have PE on a Monday and Thursday. Please make sure the children have their PE kit in school and that you remove earrings at home, or send in your own plasters to cover the earrings.



Welcome to Year 2 2016/2017

March 2017






















February 2017












January 2017

In our topic lesson today we were matching animals to their habitat and discussing why we think they live in that particular habitat. We will be doing further work on how each animal is suited to their habitat and how they survive there.





Today we drew pictures of various rainforest animals to create a rainforest habitat for our topic display. We had to sketch our animal first, before using chalk pastel and oil pastel to add colour and detail.







Today we had a very interesting visit from the Rainforest Roadshow as part of our entry point for our new topic, The Earth Our Home Habitat. We learnt lots of interesting facts and information about the rainforest habitat and even got to see (and touch!) some animals and creatures that we might find there.








December 2016

Look who came to visit us today! We were very lucky to recieve a surprise visit from Father Christmas, one of his elves and his reindeer called Holly. We really enjoyed stroking Holly and having a chat with Father Christmas, before having lots of fun playing in the snow!







We were all super excited for our Christmas Dinner today! Here are Holly class this morning looking very festive in their Christmas jumpers.





We had a lovely time during our Christmas craft session this morning. We really enjoyed having our special grown-ups come to school to help us create some amazing Christmas art work.








We had lots of fun during our festive Freddy Fit session today. We carried out lots of different activities to our favourite Christmas songs and found out how to stay healthy over Christmas. We even got to practice our Limbo skills with Freddy the Elf too!






November 2016

 Today we had a surprise visit from the M6 Theatre company, who performed a fantastic show for us all to watch. We had a brilliant time and we all recieved our own special star to remind us to ''Look to the stars and you will see magic!''                                               






Today we took part in different activities for the entry point of our new topic Time Travellers, which is all about the Gunpowder Plot. We made chocolate apples, tasted parkin and bonfire toffee and watched a firework display, asthough we were at a real bonfire!








October 2016

​Today we had some wonderful visitors at Woodland... The Mighty Zulu Warriors! They sang some Zulu songs, taught us some Zulu language and showed us some amazing Zulu dances - they even did backflips! We also got to watch KS2 perform their very own Zulu dances which they had learnt with the Zulu's throughout the day.




We had lots of fun in our cricket session with Mr Kershaw today! We all desmonstrated excellent teamwork skills and great sportsmanship which was lovely to see. We really enjoyed learning and improving our cricket skills and then practising them within a game.