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Welcome to Year 2 2017/2018

Spring 2018



In Literacy we are learning to read and write a Narrative using the book Wanted: A Perfect Pet as our stimulus. The children will learn how to use expanded noun phrases and commas to separate items in a list. The children will learn that narratives can be split into chapters and they will plan and create their own version of the story. After that, we will write adverts for The Perfect Pet consolidating our work on expanded noun phrases and commas to seperate items  in a list.


In maths we are focusing on; using < > = to compare numbers, measures and amounts, measuring capacity, finding 2D shapes on 3D shapes, using multiplication and division to solve problems, using addition and subtraction to solve problems. To solve problems in a practical context involving addition and subtraction on money, including giving change.


Our new topic this term is ‘Seeing The Light’ throughout the topic we will be learning skills in Art, Geography, Music and Science. In Art we will learn how to use light and dark in our drawings, what causes day and night in Geography, what seeds and plants need to grow and different light sources in Science.


We will be learning about Animals including humans stemming from the question ‘’How could you be the next Olympic Sprinter?’ The children will learn about what they should eat to stay healthy, the importance of exercise, what animals need to survive and that animals have offspring which turn into adults. 


Autumn 2017



In Literacy we are learning to read and write poems. Our poems are all about animals.  We will learn to use expanded noun phrases by using adjectives to describe nouns e.g. the bright yellow sun. We will continue working on our cursive handwriting, in particular letter formation and also making sure we use capital letters, commas and full stops correctly. We will also be looking at writing information  texts on the animals we are studying throughout the topic.



In maths we are focusing on multiplying 2, 3, 5 and 10s. Measuring using cm/m and g/Kg. We will start to look at using the column method for addition and subtraction.  We will be learning how to spell and write words to 100 both written and in numerals. Finally we will be identifying and describing the properties of 2d shapes, where we can find them in the world and finding lines of symmetry.



Our new topic this term is ‘The Earth—Our Home’ throughout this topic we will focus on habitats and how different animals are adapted to live in each home. We will also be creating various habitats through our Design and Technology sessions.


To run along side out topic we will be looking at living things and their habitats. We will be describing habitats, identifying plants and animals that live in them and how they are suited to their habitat. We will look at what different animals eat and start to describe simple food chains. We will fulfil this by working scientifically, planning and undertaking tests to create conclusions.                                 




Welcome to Year 2 2016/2017

March 2017






















February 2017












January 2017

In our topic lesson today we were matching animals to their habitat and discussing why we think they live in that particular habitat. We will be doing further work on how each animal is suited to their habitat and how they survive there.





Today we drew pictures of various rainforest animals to create a rainforest habitat for our topic display. We had to sketch our animal first, before using chalk pastel and oil pastel to add colour and detail.







Today we had a very interesting visit from the Rainforest Roadshow as part of our entry point for our new topic, The Earth Our Home Habitat. We learnt lots of interesting facts and information about the rainforest habitat and even got to see (and touch!) some animals and creatures that we might find there.








December 2016

Look who came to visit us today! We were very lucky to recieve a surprise visit from Father Christmas, one of his elves and his reindeer called Holly. We really enjoyed stroking Holly and having a chat with Father Christmas, before having lots of fun playing in the snow!







We were all super excited for our Christmas Dinner today! Here are Holly class this morning looking very festive in their Christmas jumpers.





We had a lovely time during our Christmas craft session this morning. We really enjoyed having our special grown-ups come to school to help us create some amazing Christmas art work.








We had lots of fun during our festive Freddy Fit session today. We carried out lots of different activities to our favourite Christmas songs and found out how to stay healthy over Christmas. We even got to practice our Limbo skills with Freddy the Elf too!






November 2016

 Today we had a surprise visit from the M6 Theatre company, who performed a fantastic show for us all to watch. We had a brilliant time and we all recieved our own special star to remind us to ''Look to the stars and you will see magic!''                                               






Today we took part in different activities for the entry point of our new topic Time Travellers, which is all about the Gunpowder Plot. We made chocolate apples, tasted parkin and bonfire toffee and watched a firework display, asthough we were at a real bonfire!








October 2016

​Today we had some wonderful visitors at Woodland... The Mighty Zulu Warriors! They sang some Zulu songs, taught us some Zulu language and showed us some amazing Zulu dances - they even did backflips! We also got to watch KS2 perform their very own Zulu dances which they had learnt with the Zulu's throughout the day.




We had lots of fun in our cricket session with Mr Kershaw today! We all desmonstrated excellent teamwork skills and great sportsmanship which was lovely to see. We really enjoyed learning and improving our cricket skills and then practising them within a game.