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Spring Term 2018

Thermal Insulators Investigation

In science today Hazel class planned and carried out an investigation to see which of the material would make the most effective thermal insulator and would keep our hot chocolate warm for the longest.




Mad Science Assmebly

To kick off Science Week we had the Mad Science Company come in and perform a special assembly for us based on the Olympics. They showed us some really fun and interesting things and even got some of us up to take part.


Window to the World - China

This term as part of 'Window to the World' the children learnt all about China. In year 4, we learnt some interesting facts about the country and culture and compared this to our own lives in England. We also learnt a Chinese Dragon dance based on Chinese New Year celebrations and created our own Chinese puppets. The children had a fantastic day! Take a look at just some of the things we got up to.





Freddy Fit

Freddy Fit came back to visit us today and we had a fantastic time. A circuit training session was set up and the children spent two minutes on one activity before moving on to the next. By the end we were all tired and ready for a rest! Take a look at us in action...






Wow what a wonderful time year 4 have had this week visiting Castleshaw. The children have learnt what life would have been like during the Victorian times and they had a go at making their own bread and butter. 





Today the children in year 4 enjoyed their first cricket lessons of the year.


Autumn Term  2017

Parent Craft

Hazel class had a lovely afternoon with our parents enjoying some fun Christmas craft. The children and parents made some great Christmas cards.



A Tigers Tale

Year 4 were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to watch the M6 theatre companies' production of A Tigers Tale. The children loved the show and really enjoyed the story behind it.



Window to the World

This half term we kicked of our 'Window to the World' work by looking at Poland. The children had a brilliant time learning some traditional polish dancing. In Hazel class, the children looked at some Polish folk art and had a go at recreating a whole class piece.




Freddy Fit

As always, we have loved having Freddy Fit come to visit us. The children have such a fantastic time and get involved in lots of great activities. Take a look at some of the things we got up to this time...



Summer Term 2016/17

Magic Measures!

We have been creating our own Woodland Potions by using our skills to accurately convert measures from L to ML. Each group was given a list of ingredients and had to ensure that their potion matched the criteria given. Better be careful, a little too much of one thing and who knows what might happen...





Spring Term 2016/17

Freddie Fit

Freddie Fit came into school - the children had to work in teams and hula hoop.



Autumn Term 2016/17

Egyptian Trip

We took the children to the Manchester Museum to spend a day handling and observing Ancient Egyption artefacts. The children had to find them in the museum, take pictures and then present their findings to the rest of the group.




Topic Entry Point

For our entry point we introduced the children to Ancient Egypt. Each class had a different activitiy to help engage and excite the children into their learning for the term. In Juniper the children looked at mummies, in Elm they made a sphinx and in Hazel they went Tomb Raiding.