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Have a look at what we will be learning this term....


Summer Term 2017

What we are learning in class:

Our topics this term are 'Switched On' and 'Shake It'


This term we are looking at the topics ’Switched On’  and 'Shake It'.

In 'Switched On', we will be using control systems to develop our knowledge of the different uses of technology in the world around us.

In 'Shake It' we will be looking at the molecular structure of solids, liquids and gases by making butter, cheese and milkshakes. 



As part of our 'Shake It' topic this term, we will be finding out about solids, liquids and gases; how we can change milk into a solid; what happens when butter is heated; about the behaviour of gases in liquids; and which solids will dissolve in a liquid.



In our Numeracy lessons we will be learning; Converting different units of measure; Translation; and Time. This term we will continue in our Reasoning sessions, for 30 minutes everyday, to increase our knowledge of calculation and improve our mental strategies and ‘reasoning’ skills. To help your child with their maths work you could: Practise times tables, complete reasoning homework and practise any of the skills taught in class this half term.



In our unit of work in Literacy this term will be looking at newspaper articles. We will be reading 'Leon and the place between' and our work will involve reading and analysing the text and writing an exciting, informative newspaper article on the events which take place in the book. Our fiction unit of work will also be based on ‘Leon and the place between'. After immersing into the text we will use it to create our own stories following a similar journey of the main character. The children will continue to develop their sentence structures, vocabulary and spelling.





Summer Term 2016/17

Magic Measures!

We have been creating our own Woodland Potions by using our skills to accurately convert measures from L to ML. Each group was given a list of ingredients and had to ensure that their potion matched the criteria given. Better be careful, a little too much of one thing and who knows what might happen...





Spring Term 2016/17

Freddie Fit

Freddie Fit came into school - the children had to work in teams and hula hoop.



Autumn Term 2016/17

Egyptian Trip

We took the children to the Manchester Museum to spend a day handling and observing Ancient Egyption artefacts. The children had to find them in the museum, take pictures and then present their findings to the rest of the group.




Topic Entry Point

For our entry point we introduced the children to Ancient Egypt. Each class had a different activitiy to help engage and excite the children into their learning for the term. In Juniper the children looked at mummies, in Elm they made a sphinx and in Hazel they went Tomb Raiding.