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Have a look at what we will be learning this year....

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Children need to remember their indoor and outdoor kit needs to be in school every day.

Aspen has P.E. on Mondays.

Birch has P.E. on Fridays.

Hawthorn has P.E. on Thursdays.


· On Tuesdays and Wednesdays children will now be receiving a

      fantastic ukulele music lesson taught by Mr. Addington.

After school clubs

· An after school club is ran at Woodland every afternoon. Children attending these clubs must be collected from the school office at 4 o’clock.

Reading, Spellings and Homework:

Children should be reading at home every night and it is vital that their reading books come back into school every day.

Children will be given spellings throughout the week which they will be tested on by a day set by their teacher.

                                   2016 -2017

Summer 1


This half term we are looking the film 'Magik Circus'. We will be using our inference skills to find out how characters feel and why they act in different ways throughout the film. We will be creating a new character for the film, describing the character, creating the story line for the character and will rewrite the film script, including the new character. We will also be looking at the text '101 ways to become a Superhero' and creating our own magazine article based on the facts given throughout the text.


In maths this half term, we will be learning how to order, compare, add, subtract and multiply fractions with different denominators. As well as this the children will also recap formal written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They will then learn to apply these skills to problem solving.


Our topic in year 5 this half term is ‘Space Explores’. During this topic we will be looking at what life is like in space for astronauts and the daily difficulties that they face, we will be creating a time line of significant events such as rocket launches. As well as this we will also be looking at and learning about the moon and the different phases of the moon.


Spring 2


In literacy we are reading a class novel called 'Friend or Foe'. We are reading part of the story everyday, using our inference skils to find out about the characters and their feelings throughout the story. We will be writing diary entries, setting and character descriptions, additing dialogue and action into our writing. We will be focusing on using our year groups Alan Peat sentences types to make our sentences supersonic!


Within our maths sessions we are learning to use the properities of shape to find the missing lengths of sides and angles of rectangles and triangles. We will be converting mixed numbers to improer fractions and vice versa. We will be calculating the volume of 3D shapes and understanding volume within measure, whilst converting metric measurements to imperial measurements. We will end the thalf term looking at line graphs and how to read them correctly answer comparison, addition and subtraction questions based on our own line graphs.


In this coming half term, we will be focuisng on the topic '3D designers' where the children will be using computer programming to design their own structures and will use computer programmes such as Scratch and Sketch up to create their own algorithms and show them to others.

Spring 1 


In literacy we will begin by looking at “The Tear Thief” by Carol Ann Duffy. 

We will be using Talk for Writing to learn the sequence of the story. We will then be innovating the story to our create a Fear thief. As well as this, we will be looking at the sentence structures within the text and looking at the adverbial phrases used and understanding how to use preposition phrases within our writing. Our next unit will be looking at non-chronological reports and we will be linking this to our Weather and Climate topic focusing on extreme weather conditions.


In maths this half term, we will be looking at finding the area and perimeter of different regular and irregular shapes. We will be focusing on problem solving around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be converting between different units of measurement , such as 1000g = 1kg.  As well as this, we will be identifying 3D shapes and their properties and looking at their 2D representations. We will be measuring angles using a protractor in degrees, estimating and comparing acute, obtuse and reflex angles.


In our topic this term “Weather and Climate” children have been finding out about different climates around the world, the causes and effects of global warming and how to measure the weather, using different weather instruments. As part of the exit point to this topic, children will be designing and making their own weather instrument to display in the classroom.


As part of our second topic this term ’Look, hear!’ children will be looking at how we hear sounds and see light, how the human ear and eye works and how sound and light waves travel.

We will create an a folding ear booklet, where we have labelled each part of the ear and what it does. We will investigate how light travels in straight lines and how we can prevent sound from travelling by soundproofing using different materials.


Autumn 2 


This half term the children will be focusing on creating their own car brochures and radio adverts to persuade an audience to buy a Polaris Ranger, which Mrs Backhouse brought in for us to look at and create our own persuasive ideas. We will use emotive, persuasive and descriptive language, as well as using complex sentences to create our own persuasive writing.


We will be learning to find multiples, factors and prime factors of numbers this half term. We will be learning how to prime numbers and to be able to recall the prime numbers to 19. We will be learning to read timetables and create our own and we will be learning to calculate long multiplication.


In our topic unit 'Bake it' the children we finding out the science behind cooking! Children will be focusing on the making their own packaging for products and creating their own product for Christmas.


As part of one of our topics this term, children will be looking at solids, liquids and gases and their properties. We will be carrying out a variety of investigations, including finding out which solids will dissolve in liquids, which liquids turn to gases and how the water cycle works. We will be finding out about molecules, atoms and elements and which materials are irreversible and reversible.


Autumn 1


Within literacy this half term, children will read and explore the narrative poem ’Lady of Shalott’ by Tennyson. They will use the poem to focus on the feelings of the characters use their inference skills and will learn to use powerful vocabulary in their description writing. They will write their own narrative verse based on the poem and will perform the poem using an animation app on the ipads.

Using the non-fiction book ’The secrets of Stonehenge’, they will learn to create their own information booklet based on local history, using the correct features, sentence structure and punctuation.



Within numeracy this half term the children will learn the place value of digits to 1,000,000 and understand the place value of decimals to thousandths. We will be learning to mentally add and subtract numbers up to 4 digits and learn the written methods to calculate addition and subtractions too. We will be using protractors to draw and measure angles and then begin to calculate the area and perimeter of composite shapes.



In our unit 'The Great, the Bold and the Brave' children will be finding out about ancient Greece and Rome.

Children will be focusing on the history and art of these times. The children will be learning about famous buildings, battles and people that have impacted Britain today.






Welcome to year 5!


Spring 2

3D Designers

As part of our Entry point for our new topic “3D Designers” we created our own 3D glasses using blue and red tape. We then tested our glasses by watching a range of 3D film trailers and looking at 3D photographs.


Spring 1

Forest School

Each class in Year 5 have taken part in two weeks of Forest School. In the first week we worked together using materials that we could find in the pond area to create an ant house. We created lots of different houses including some with a swimming pool! In the second week we had to work together to create a group shelter that we could all fit under to keep up dry and safe in bad weather.


Weather and Climate

In year 5 we have started our new topic 'Weather and Climate'. As part of the entry point children were told that a hurricane was going to hit the UK and therefore they were going to be evacuated to another country. Once evacuated children were told that they would have to build themselves a shelter using the materials available. The classes were then put into groups and had to practice making a shelter using bamboo sticks, bin liners and tape.