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Year 6- 2016/2017

Summer 2 Term 2017 


In literacy, we will be exploring poetry further, through the use of the book ‘I am Cat’ by Jackie Morris. Here we will be creating and performing our own versions of the poem. We will look at a range of techniques, we can use in our writing, to make it effective.

Furthermore, we will be exploring Charles Dickens and will write a hybrid text with 3 distinct styles, focusing on a time in an author’s life, to produce a class book.


In maths, we will be developing a range of mathematical skills to build on our previous knowledge. This will include solving multi-step problems, using estimation to check our answers, solving measurement problems and developing our reasoning so we are able to explain how we know something. 


Linking to our topic ‘David Malin’ we will be looking at space and developing our knowledge of the planets and space. 

Also, we will be carrying out a range of science experiments to develop our ability to plan and carry out experiments successfully. This will include recording our findings in a range of ways and drawing conclusions from these.


Our new topic this term is ‘David Malin’. During this topic we will be exploring his photography and the history of David Malin. We will be taking our own photographs of objects on Earth and will then be editing these pictures to create the similar effects of Malin's work, focusing on angles, lighting and colour. Within this we will also create pieces of art work and evaluate the techniques we have used for effect. 


This half term we will develop our athletics skills further, based on our progress last half term. We will also be playing a range of sporting games, which we have learnt to play over year 5 and 6, such as rounders, netball, tag rugby, etc.  

Summer 1 Term 2017


In literacy, we are looking at developing our skills when 'Writing to Discuss'. Here we will be looking at writing and presenting our own balanced arguments based on our topic 'Fit for Life.' We will also look at our use of different sentence structures and use of punctuation for effect in our writing.


In maths we will be building upon previously learnt skills as well as further developing a range of skills, including fractions, algebra and the circumference, radius and diameter of circles. We will also be building upon our reasoning skills and being able to explain our answers and working out. 


Linking to our topic ‘Fit for Life’ we will be looking at the circulatory and respiratory system in order to learn the function of our heart, blood and lungs within our bodies. 


Our new topic this term is ‘Fit for Life’. During this topic we will be exploring healthy living and what we can do to stay fit and healthy. This will include looking at healthy eating, pulse rates, blood types, the heart and our lungs. We will also look at exercise and the effects of drugs and alcohol. 


This half term we are focusing on athletics and developing our sporting abiliities in running, jumping and throwing. This will include working on speed, agility and quickness.

Spring 2 Term 2017


In literacy, this half term, we are looking at writing to entertain and will be focusing on the book 'Shadow Cage' in order to do this through the genre of horror. Here we will develop our ability to use a range of features in our writing in order to advance the action in our writing and to interest the reader. 

Also, we will be looking at writing to inform and will be exploring and writing our own explanation text for jungle survival. Here we will develop our ability to write for different purposes, using the correct language and structure to the text type we are working on. 


In maths we will be developing a range of skills, including rounding numbers up to ten million, multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, calculating missing angles at a point and algebra.

We will also be revising the four written methods of calculation: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 


Our new topic this term is ‘What a Wonderful World’. During this topic we will develop our map skills, including using a 6 point grid reference. We will also look at the biomes around the world, different types of extreme weather and the effect of man-made changes on our environment. Furthermore, we will be looking at the different types of rocks and the effect of weathering on these different types. 


This half term, Year 6 will be developing their tag rugby skills. This will include developing a range of skills to work up to playing a tag rugby game. We will also learn the basic tag rugby rules. 


Spring 1 Term 2017


In literacy we are studying the book ’Shackleton's Journey' and will be creating our own story to document the significant events in someone's life. 

We will also be exploring the book Beowulf and will write our own overcoming a monster story!

We will further develop a range of writing techniques and look at using a range of features and devices in our writing for effect. 


In maths we will be developing a range of areas, including measurement problems, ratio and proportion problems and the order of operations. We will also look at using the long written method to confidently divide when working with larger numbers. Furthermore, we will be looking at the nets of 3D shapes, applying the formula to find the area and volume of shapes and will be interpreting and creating our own line graphs and pie charts.  


Our new topic this term is ‘History AD900’. During this topic we will learn about the Mayan civilisation. This will include designing and creating our own Mayan masks, researching Mayan gods and exploring why the Mayan empire declined.

We will also further look at electricity and the effect of overloading circuits on the brightness of the bulb. 

In addition, we will further look at evolution and how animals have adapted over time. 


Autumn 2 Term 2016


In literacy, we are looking at ‘writing to entertain’ and are doing so through the book ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. We will be looking at descriptive pieces of writing in order to focus on the characters and the setting. We will also look at ‘writing to discuss’ using this book and will be writing our own letters and newspaper articles based on the events in the book.

We will also be looking at ‘writing to persuade’ this half term with a focus on how we can prevent cyber bullying.


In maths, we will be further developing a range of mathematical skills including: fractions, decimals and percentages; drawing 2D shapes; converting between different units of measure and using our knowledge of co-ordinates in order to reflect and translate shapes.

We will also be developing our reasoning skills through the use of daily reasoning lessons alongside our maths lessons.


One of our topics this half term is 'Full Power!' Here we will be learning about electricity, who first discovered it and the dangers of it. We will also be drawing and creating a range of circuits, in order to make our own wire loop game, which could be used at a fun fair!

The second topic which we will learn about this half term is 'Out of Africa.' During this topic we will learn about evolution, the pre-historic period, fossils, dinosaurs, fish and much more! We will also carry out a range of activities, including finding out if we could have outrun a dinosaur!


Autumn 1 Term 2016


In literacy, we are looking at narrative poetry, focusing on the book ‘Cloud Busting’ by Malorie Blackman. We will be exploring the language and devices used to create an impact on the reader and will then create a range of our own narrative poems based on a short film.

We will also be exploring the book ‘How the Whale Became’ by Ted Hughes and will be creating our own stories to entertain based on these.

We will also be exploring a range of writing techniques to improve our writing, such as the use of adverbials and subordinate clauses.


In maths we will be covering a range of areas in order to develop a range of learnt skills from previous years. This will include exploring place value and ordering large numbers, developing our use of written methods to multiply and divide and being able to calculate missing angles in shapes.


Our topic this half term is 'Going Global.' During the topic the children will learn about the history of trade, trading relationships around the world, food origins and tourism, resulting in us making our own fair trade chocolate products.


Year 6- 2016/2017

David Malin Art Work

This summer term we are focusing on the topic 'David Malin' who is a British-Australian astronomer and photographer. As our entry point to this topic we looked at his work and recreated our own whole class version of this. Here we had to focus on working as a class to ensure all parts of our work matched up and blended together in terms of positioning, colours and tones. 


Dragon's Den Project

This week in Year 6, we have developed our own business ideas in order to pitch these to our peers, like 'Dragon's Den'! We had to ensure we had creative, innovative ideas and then we planned for this, including: a logo, slogan, business cards, cost and profit, prototypes and much more! We have had great fun working in our groups to create our business boards and pitching our ideas!

The Shadow Cage

In literacy we have been exploring a new book called 'The Shadow Cage', which is a supernatural story. We used drama techniques to help us to understand the character's thoughs and feelings further. Here we used freeze frames and thought tracking. This then helped us when writing our own stories using the 'Show not Tell' technique.

What a Wonderful World

As part of our topic ‘What a Wonderful World’ we have been looking at the Northern Lights. We researched what these are and then created our own pieces of art work based on the Northern lights. We had to think about what our work was influenced by and how best to use the given materials.  

World Book Day

We had great fun on World Book Day! We came to school dressed as our favourite characters and explored the book 'Quest'. We produced our own pieces of work based on this amazing picture book!

3D Shapes

In maths, we have been exploring 3D shapes and their nets. We then made our own nets for 3D shapes to make different models. These are some of the robots we made!


In literacy, we have been looking at writing to inform and have been exploring the book 'Shackleton's Journey', which retells the events of his journey across the Antarctic. We then used this as inspiration to write our own books documenting the events of Maria Belon and her family in the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Once we had written and illustrated our own books, we went and read our books to the year 4 classes. 

A Visit from Santa and his Reindeer

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Santa and his reindeer! We liked stroking the reindeer and speaking to Santa. 

Wire Loop Game

In our topic 'Full Power' we had the opportunity to make our own wire loop fun fair games! We had to ensure our circuit worked in order for the game to buzz when the player touched the wire!

Chocolate Truffles

As the exit point to our topic, Going Global, we got the opportunity to make our very fair-trade chocolate truffles. Here we designed and made our own packaging and then made our own truffles with a range of toppings. It was fun and they were delicious!

Zulu Warriors

 In the autumn term we were lucky enough to have a vist from 'The Mighty Zulu Warriors'! We had so much fun watching them perform and we then took part in a workshop to learn how to dance and chant like them too!

Freddy Fit

We had another fabulous visit from Freddy Fit! Here we worked on our team work skills in order to complete a range of challenges and learnt about what it takes to be an Olympic athlete. It was hard work!


Manchester United

This half term we have had a weekly visit from Manchester United school football coaches. Here we have developed a range of football skills in order to play football matches, including: dribbling, moving with the ball and kicking the ball towards a target.