Woodland Community Primary School

Through Quality First Teaching, an exciting curriculum and its meaningful relationships and engagement with families and the community, Woodland Community Primary School aims to equip all with the skills needed to exist within our increasingly diverse world.

Woodland Community Primary School,
Achievement and Excellence for all.

Through our Mission Statement, the values that underpin all we do at Woodland Community Primary School are that…

  • We will be a welcoming school to all
  • We will always have the highest expectations and aspirations for all our pupils
  • We will always put children first and aspire to give them the best foundations for life
  • We will strive to develop in our pupils respect for themselves, each other and the communities in which they live
  • We will accept, value and welcome differences and diversity
  • We will understand the ‘whole child’ and adapt our practices to reflect this
  • We will always act with integrity, honesty and transparency
  • We will encourage and build strong relationships with all our stakeholders and aim to involve them in all major decisions about our school
  • We will encourage creativity and risk taking in all aspects of school life
  • We will be both reflective and evaluative about our school and it’s performance, so that we always strive to be the best we can be!

Through our Mission Statement and our values, we are Woodland Community Primary School, aim to…

  • Meet the social, emotional and academic needs of every individual child
  • Make our school a safe, secure and healthy place, by providing nurture and support for all
  • Prepare all our children for a happy and successful life
  • Empower children with the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes which will help them become valued members of their wider communities
  • Develop independence and self-confidence with pupils, giving them the skills and abilities required to articulate their views, beliefs and feelings accurately and appropriately
  • Encourage good behaviour and self disclipne in all children
  • Communicate effectively with all our stakeholders, working in partnership with them all
  • Provide a dynamic curriculum, with experience-rich learning opportunities that combine hard work with lots of fun
  • Make our school the centre of the community

And finally, and most importantly

  • Ensure that each and every child exceeds their own expectations of themselves!

If you would like more information about the school please contact us. You are always welcome to have a look around and meet the teachers.

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Woodland Community Primary School
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Head Teacher: Mrs Nicola Brogan
telephone: 01706 620305