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Healthy Schools

Our Commitment


At Woodland Community Primary School we promote good health and wellbeing for our children and families.  Children are educated about the importance of being healthy and leading active lifestyles through our PSHE, PE and science curriculums.  Our extensive grounds enable children to active at break and lunch times with equipment available for them to use. Further detailed information can be found on the 'Inclusion' pages of the school's website.


The school kitchen provides a well balanced menu that is varied.  Sample menus can be found at:


Sample Rochdale Schools Menu


Children who choose to bring packed lunches each day are asked to adhere to the following guidelines in order to support us on our drive to promoting healthy eating.


Packed lunches should:

  • Be balanced and not too large
  • Contain only water, fruit juice or cordial, no fizzy drinks please
  • Include at least 1 piece of fruit or vegetables
  • Contain only one small treat item as a maximum


Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Snacks In School


Children are provided with their first free Woodland water bottle and after this they can be replaced by purchasing from the school office for £1.00.  Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and only water is permitted in water bottles.  Free milk is also given to the children who want it daily.


Children in EYFS and KS1 benefit from the governments free healthy snack scheme and are provided with a piece of fruit or veg for their daily snack. Children in KS2 are invited to bring in a piece of fruit to enjoy at break time should they wish. No other snacks are permitted.

Children's Mental Health


Ensuring that children have healthy minds is just as important as their healthy bodies. At Woodland Community Primary School, our curriculum promotes positive mental health and improved awareness of the importance of taking care of our minds.  


Look at both the Inclusion and Curriculum pages which details the Jigsaw PSHE programme that we follow as a whole school. In addition, we are a Myhappymind school and all children have dedicated weekly time to reflect on their mental health and wellbeing an to work on strategies to support them.




Place2Be is a national charity whose work is to improve children's mental health.

Place2Be provides child counselling and mental health support in schools, including primary, secondary and all-through schools across England, Scotland and Wales.

Each school has a dedicated Place2Be mental health professional who is an integral part of the school team.  They work closely with pupils, families and staff to improve emotional wellbeing and provide mental health support for the whole school.

At Woodland Community Primary School, we have a Place2Be practitioner working in our school one day each week with children to provide high quality, tailored support for identified individuals.  


For more information about the work of Place2Be please follow the link below.