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Autumn 1

Week commencing Monday 16th October 2023


We have had a fantastic last week of our first half term in Year 1 laugh we have enjoyed taking part in our famous figure afternoon, where we learnt all about different Paralympians. We played Goalball, we wore blindfolds and rolled the ball to each other and had to guess where the ball had come from. We also did some drawings where we closed our eyes and had to draw what the teacher said, this made us realise how important our sight is. We have enjoyed learning about the part-whole model where we were able to write the number sentences to match. And we couldn't forget to make some special Halloween decorations on our last day too!


Week commencing Monday 9th October 2023


We have enjoyed another busy week at Woodland smiley We have been busy in our art lessons using primary and secondary colours to paint. In Mathematics, we have been using number lines to add and subtract. We know that when we are adding, the number is getting bigger and when we are subtracting, the number is getting smaller. We have enjoyed using concrete resources to prove our answers too! In English, we have been exploring autumnal objects. We have thought of different adjectives to describe them to create verses for our poem. We have worked so hard and made the adults in our classes extremely proud!

Week commencing Monday 2nd October 2023


We have enjoyed another busy week! We have been writing our instructions of how to make a cup and ball, we know that instructions help us with what to do. We made a list of the things we used to make our cup and ball and then wrote our instructions up as a polished piece of work. In Mathematics, we have been learning about grater than, less than or equal to. We know that if a number is greater than, it is a bigger number. We know that if a number is less than, the number is smaller. We have worked super hard this week and this has reflected in our work smiley

Week commencing Monday 25th September 2023


We have had such an exciting week! It started by us taking a trip to the pond, after receiving a letter from the Naughty Bus with clues of where to find him. We rescued him from the pond and since have completed some fantastic writing about his journey at Woodland. 

We had the paralympian Michael Churm visit us on Wednesday, we listened to his paralympic journey during our assembly, then completed lots of exercises with him to music! 

Another wonderful Woodland week smiley

Week Commencing 18th September 2023


This week in Year 1 we have continued focusing on our text 'Naughty Bus'. We found a huge mess in Oak Class, the Naughty Bus had made a mess with beans and paint - and now he has gone missing! We have used adjectives to describe him when creating our wanted posters.

In Mathematics, we have continued to use concrete resources working on numbers to 10. We have been able to match the numeral to the number word using ice creams and cones to help us! 

In Music, we were introduced to some new instruments to make a tune. We really enjoyed this!

We also had our first spelling test, children scoring 5/5 received a certificate. We will keep practicing!

Week Commencing 11th September 2023


We have been super busy this week in Year 1!

We have had our first Music and PE lesson. In Music, we enjoyed singing lots of different songs and next week we will be introduced to some new instruments. In PE, we used our hopping, skipping and jumping skills to move in different ways. 

In Mathematics, we have enjoyed using lots of concrete resources to help us with representing numbers and counting objects from a larger group. 

In English, we were introduced to our English text 'Naughty Bus', we have enjoyed making predictions about what the bus will do next. Our writing is improving by the day!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first full week smiley


Week Commencing 6th September 2023


We have had a fantastic start to our first week in Year 1! We have been introduced to lots of new topics. In Mathematics, we have been able to recognise and order our numbers to 10. We took part in our History memorable experience, we are learning all about childhood and what life was like in the 1950's. We had an afternoon of 1950's activities, we made a cup and ball and we used chalk to draw a hopscotch outside! In Art, we have been learning about our primary and secondary colours. We had lots of fun using the paints to mix colours and we were able to talk about how we have created them. 

Welcome to Beech Class!