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Autumn 1

WB 16.10.2023

This week, as a school, we celebrated our famous figure of the half term who is a Paralympian named Michael Churm. We took part in various activities including some disability sports such as GoalBall and Boccia. In the classroom, we also took part in some blindfolded colouring and designed our own Paralympic medal.

WB 09.10.2023

This week, we had a very exciting day learning all about the Stone Age. We had some very special visitors who came in to school to teach us lots of things about the Stone Age.  We had the chance to take part in lots of practical activities such as weaving, making butter, building shelters, making bracelets and we even got to try on some 'Stone Age' clothes.

WB 02.10.2023

We are currently learning about Animal Nutrition and the Skeletal System in Science. This week, Cherry Class have undertook an investigation to find out which food had the least amount of fat and which food had the most amount of fat. We had to make a prediction before completing the investigation and then after we had completed it, we wrote a conclusion showing our results. We enjoyed breaking up the food, making predictions and recording our results. 

WB 18.09.2023

This week, Cherry Class have been busy completing their new unit of Art and Design called 'Contrast and Complement'. We have been learning about primary, secondary and analogous colours and we have explored these using watercolours in our sketchbooks. Then we looked at famous artists artwork and talked about the colours that they have used in each piece, thinking about warm and cool colours. We then finished this unit of work by creating a pattern using watercolours that we mixed ourselves, using our new knowledge of watercolours. 



WB 11.09.2023

This week, Yew Class started their first piece of work on our Art unit, Contrast and Complement. The children used the watercolours to learn about primary and secondary colours and how we can mix colours together to make new colours.

WB 04.09.2023

This week, Yew Class looked closely at the front cover of our new class text 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King. We made predictions on what we think the text might be about and read chapter 1, together as a class. We're looking forward to reading more of the story within our English lessons and basing lots of our writing around this text.