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Autumn 1

WC: 25.09.2023


In PE this week, we have been learning skills linked to Hockey. We have learnt the push pass, how to dribble and control the ball and this week, we practiced scoring and defending!

WC: 18.09.2023


This week in Mathematics, we have been looking at numbers to 1,000,000! We have learnt about the value of each digit, how many tens, hundreds and thousands are in hundreds, thousands and ten thousands, and use place value charts, counters, part whole models and bar models to show how numbers can be partitioned. We challenge ourselves by creating multiple ways to partition a number!

WC: 11.09.2023


In English, we have started to read the book ‘Bronze and Sunflower’. This week, we read chapter 1 and created images based on what we read. In these images, we included the characters Sunflower, Bronze, father and Gayu and the setting of the rural Chinese village of Damaidi. We planned and wrote setting descriptions of Damaidi. 

WC: 04.09.2023


Our new project this term is 'Dynamic Dynasties'. We will learn about the Chinese Dynasties through our History and Geography lessons. We will also read different books in English linked to Dynamic Dynasties. In History, we searched the definition of words that we will be coming across in these lessons.