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Autumn 1

Week 1: Getting to know you.


In week one we began to get to know the children, and introduce them to The Orchard. We got to know where the children prefer to explore while they got to know the new adults and their new classroom. The children spent a lot of their day learning through play as we ask them open ended questions.

Week 2: Exploring and learning. 


The children's first class Book is 'The Naughty Bus', the children have been exploring different types of transport and could start to name why they like them. The children were expected to try to predict what could happen with the bus and why it was naughty. They really enjoyed telling us what they did and did not like about the book.

For their Mathematics in week 2, we started to see who could recognize numbers 1-10 and put them in order from smallest to largest.

Week 3: Starting Foundation Subjects


In the Orchard we have had the opportunity to start Forest School and Junior Dukes. In Forest school the children have started exploring the outside environment in our pond area. The children made a collage with leaves and started to talk to us about how nature grows. 

In Junior Dukes the children have tried to achieve a skill each lesson, they had lots of fun learning how to take turns during a board game.

Week 5: 5 Senses


This week the children have been exploring their five senses. For taste they have tried different foods and used adjectives to describe them. 

They also made pizza's and cakes and cookies as part of their English task.