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Autumn 1

02.11.2022 - English


This week, the children have been looking at a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We then looked at the different features of newspaper reports as our next text type that we will be working towards over the next few weeks. Working together, we sorted the different parts and examples to create a model newspaper report ready for our writing next week. 

17.10.2022 - Year 1 Narrative Writing


As part of our English lessons, we have been writing a narrative. After we had written this neatly, we were invited into Year 1 to share what we had written with our younger children. We read our narratives to different children and the enjoyment we had was amazing!

13.10.2022 - Queen Elizabeth II


As part of our Famous Figures projects, Year 5 have been learning all about the late Queen Elizabeth II in the 1960s. Famous for her iconic fashion sense, the team pulled together some of her most noticeable pieces. The children were able to create a range of medals, hats and artwork as part of our research. 

05.10.2022 - Science


This week in Science, the children have been investigating the correlation between friction and speed travelled. The children worked in groups to experiment with a range of materials and moving objects to see how quickly or slowly they would move based on the surface they were travelling on.

26.09.22 - Mindfulness Movements


In Year 5, we are lucky enough to participate in Mindfulness Movements. We learn different breathing techniques and yoga positions to help calm our mind and body. 

19.09.22 - Art


This week in Art, we learnt about Tones, Tints and Shades and what the differences between them are. We then used different coloured paints to recreate Tints, Tones and Shades. 

12.09.2022 - Mathematics


This week, we have been focusing on the important topic of place value in Mathematics. In our lessons, the children have been using a range of concrete resources to represent numbers up to 1,000,000. We have looked carefully at the value of each digit in the numbers and also learnt how to accurate write numbers as words. 

08.09.2022 - Geography 


This week, the children have begun their Geography lessons by looking at an OS Map of Manchester and Salford. We completed tasks to find our local area of Heywood and identify any key landmarks and noticeable features. In addition to this, we looked at the scale and what that meant in terms of size and also the different contour lines which represented mountains and hills.