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Autumn 1

We are Rock stars!! 

Thank you for everyone's efforts to dress up as rock stars for Times Tables Rock stars day on Friday. All of the children looked amazing!! 

Colour mixing 

In our art lessons this half term our focus has been on learning about primary and secondary colours. We have learned how to make the secondary colours by mixing the primary colours. We listened to this story that really helped us to understand.


This week we have used our colour mixing skills to explore primary and secondary colours to make different pictures. The children used fantastic care and concentration whilst they were painting, well done!


In just 3 weeks we have covered so many areas of place value within 10 in our Mathematics lessons! We have been practicing writing numbers as words, counting backwards and finding 1 less than a given number this week. The children are trying so hard and becoming really confident with their numbers within 10. 

Here are some of the songs and games we have been playing at school to help with our Mathematics learning that you might want to try at home. 


Counting forwards and backwards to 10 song


Topmarks 1 more and 1 less





This week we have been discussing the features of instructions in our English lessons. We have been learning all about the 'bossy verbs' that are used in a set of instructions. The children have been fantastic at generating their own ideas, which they will use in their instruction writing next week! 

We will be linking our learning to our Experience afternoon, where we made a cup and ball toy! 

Watch this space for some fantastic examples of our instructions next week!

Representing Numbers 

Today in our mathematics lessons we have been using different mathematical equipment to represent numbers. We used tens frames, Numicon and cubes and showed some fantastic mathematics skills! 

Who could it be??

Today Mrs Carlile came to our classrooms to inform us that something terrible had happened in school. One of the classrooms had been messed up and she wondered if we knew anything about it! Had we seen anyone? Had we spotted anything unusual in the Year One area? What could have happened? 

We opened the door into Ash class and could not believe our eyes! There were chairs knocked over, beans on the tables, red paint on the cupboards and pens and pencils everywhere! 

We did spot lots of wheel marks around the classroom...could this be the work of the Naughty Bus??!!

Welcome to Year One! 

It has been lovely to see all the children looking smart in their school uniforms with big smiles on their faces! We have had a fantastic start to Year One and to our new school year. We have launched our new project 'Childhood' where we will be learning about childhood in the 1950's. 

During our launch afternoon the children learned about what life was like for children in the 1950's, made a cup and ball toy (it was trickier to get the ball in the cup than it looked!), played outdoor games, used feathers and black paint (our own quills and ink) to write our names, made Union Jack flags and answered mathematics questions on chalk boards! We had a great afternoon and are looking forward to learning more about what life was like for children in the 1950's!