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Autumn 1

Fresh Food, Good Food - Design Technology

This week we have been learning about food preservation and food decay. We looked at a range of packaging to learn how this helps to keep foods fresher for longer. We then created our own healthy snacks and tried hummus with a range of vegetable sticks along with making and tasting fruit kebabs. We tried lots of fruits including kiwi, pineapple and blueberries! 

Contrast and Complement - Art

This week we have been exploring different colours and the colour wheel. We mixed our own colours to find the different shades needed to match each colour. We also developed our understanding of tertiary colours, warm and cool colours, complementary colours and analogous colours, and how artists use colour in their artwork.

Interconnected World - Geography 

As part of our Geography project, we have been exploring atlases to help us to locate different countries around the world. We also used them to identify the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, locate the equator and also to identify the countries, climates and culture of North and South America. 

Jigsaw - PSHE

This term our PSHE will be focusing on the Jigsaw using of "Being me in my World." During our first session, we met our class character, Jaz, and took part in group discussions about how we can be a team in our class. We used our chime for some quiet reflection time and enjoyed sharing out ideas. We create a class Diamond Nine of the key elements of teamwork.