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Autumn 2

English - Arthur and the Golden Rope Narratives

In our English lessons over the past two weeks we have been creating and innovating our own narratives. We explored the plot of our stories and wrote our own beginning, middle  and ending. To publish our narratives, we have created a front cover and a blurb. Our finished narratives are going to be shared in the reading corners in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 so that we can entertain them with our fantastic stories! 

Interconnected World - Map Skills 

As part of our Geography this term we have been developing our map work and using atlases. Today, we found the different countries we needed to explore through the index and then identified a range of missing countries on our maps. We enjoyed finding different places and sharing what we had learnt with our peers.

Science - Sound

Throughout our new Science project, we have been exploring how sound travels. We used a range of musical instruments to to explore sound further. We observed which parts of instruments vibrated to create sound waves, and explored how we could alter the volume and pitch of an instrument’s sound. We also took part in an activity called ‘visible vibrations’ using a drum and some rice. We enjoyed watching how the rice moved which represented the movement of the vibrations.