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Autumn 2

WB 12.12.2022
This week, we invited our families into school to watch us sing our Christmas song 'Frosty the Snowman.' We have been practicing this song, including some actions ready to perform it. We then took part in many different Christmas craft activities with our families. It was a fun afternoon and our families loved watching us sing!

WB 21.11.2022

This week, we have started our project ''Cook Well, Eatwell'' where our goal was to make our very own tacos in Design and Technology. First, we spent some time planning our tacos as we had to decide what we wanted to put in them, how we wanted them to look and we discussed health and safety rules. Then it was the exciting part where we made our tacos. We all had a go at cutting the vegetables very carefully. After the tacos had been cooked we got to eat them - they were delicious! We then evaluated our tacos, explaining what we enjoyed and any changes we would make next time. We had a fantastic time!

WB 31.10.2022

This week, Maple and Yew met with up with our linking school as part of Rochdale Schools Linking Network Programme. We met at the M6 Theatre Company and enjoyed watching 'Sunflowers and Sheds' together. It was about an unlikely friendship growing down on an allotment. We loved meeting our new friends, playing games and taking part in some drama activities.  We can't wait to meet up with our linking school again in the new year!