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Autumn 2

WC 5/12/2022


On Thursday the children completed learning linked to one of our famous figures, David Attenborough. We used the skills that we learnt during our 'Mix It' art project to mix secondary colours using powder paint, then we painted butterflies.

WC 28/11/2022


This week in our Science lessons, we learnt why animals live in different habitats. We were given different animals and had to search online to find out what food the animals eat and where they shelter. We recorded our answers on our worksheet and shared what we had learnt at the end of the lesson.

WC 7/11/2022


This week the children took part in their first Mindful Movements session. The children were given the opportunity to share how they were feeling at the start and end of the session. During the session the children were taught new ways of breathing and some yoga poses.

WC 31/10/2022


This week the children started their new art project, called 'Still Life.' This project teaches children about the work of significant still life artists and still life techniques. The children explored a wide variety of still lifes and learnt about the use of colour and composition. They created still life arrangements and artwork using different grades of pencil and powder paints.