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Autumn 2

16.12.2022 - Moving Monsters!


Using our knowledge on pneumatics, we created moving monsters! The children had a challenge to make their mouths open using their syringe and tubing. The results were amazing!

12.12.2022 - Geography


In our geography this week, we created biomes of the world. We had to get creative but use our knowledge of biomes at the same time. Lots of us preferred to create a rainforest rather than the taiga and tundra!

09.12.2022 - Design Technology


In our DT lessons, we have been learning about pneumatic systems and how they work in our everyday world. We learnt the key vocabulary of a valve, reservoir and air pressure when describing how the systems work. We followed a step by step video to create a pneumatic lever machine. 

05.12.2022 - PE


In our PE lessons, we have been participating in basketball lessons. We have learnt how to correctly dribble the ball and shoot. We have had lots of fun participating in drills to learn different skills that we will need within our basketball lessons. 

28.11.2022 - Music!


In music this half term, we are focusing on the topic, ‘Classroom Jazz’. We are using instruments to recreate a piece of music and our own improvisation in the middle of the song. We have to use our knowledge of note reading to be successful in this!

24.11.2022 - Maths fraction resources!


In our maths lessons, we are learning how to recognise equivalent fractions. We have found this really tricky! We have used the fraction resources to help us see which fractions are bigger, smaller or equivalent. 

18.11.2022 - Children in Need


On Friday, we celebrated Children in Need. We had fun activities in the afternoon, after we had the learnt the importance of the day and the reasons why we raise money for such an amazing charity which is so close to home! 

11.11.2022 - Clay 


This week in our art lessons, we have learnt about the process of bronze casting and how this was used in Ancient China to make artefacts. We then had a go at using clay and shells to make imprints into the clay. Finally, we poured over plaster into the molds in order to recreate the shell shapes. 

04.11.2022 - Taotie Artwork


Linking to our topic of the Shang Dynasty, we looked at Taotie artwork and where the legend of Taotie came from. We then had a go at producing line drawings and shading to recreate a replica of the bronze artefacts found in Ancient China.