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Resolve Workshop

This week the children in Year 4 and Year 5 took part in a workshop linked to Healthy Relationships. We discussed the rights that children have today and shared the relationships that we have in every day life such a family, friends, professionals and others. The Resolve workers made it clear that in every relationship we have, we have the right to be safe. We looked at how relationships make us feel and how it is normal for relationships to have ups and downs. Together, we explored our feelings for when a relationship is not good and what we can do to resolve these feelings.


Pride Month - June

Throughout the month of June we are going to be celebrating Pride Month. During this time we will be looking at diversity and look into gaining a better understanding of different families and people including developing an understanding of LGBTQ+. We looked at the colours in the flag and created our own bunting for our classrooms using the colours. 

Michelle Taube workshop

As part of our Art project 'Nature's Art,' we were visited by the talented artist Michelle Taube. We looked at different plants and the shape and colours they were. We then looked at different style pots and how they are different and how the colours are layered. Using acrylic paints, we then mixed a range of colours, learning how to make them darker and lighter. Through-out the afternoon we created our own final pieces of art and were very impressed with the work we produced!  

Autism Awareness Week

For Autism Awareness Week we came into school dressed as block colours from the rainbow. We learnt about Autism, what this is and how this can affect people. We then created our own version of the Autism Awareness symbol from our whole class rainbow. 

World Book Day - Twisted Fairytales

To celebrate World Book Day, at Woodland we focused on Twisted Fairytales. Within Year 5 we decided to add new or different characters, switch good and bad characters, create a different setting, make it funny or scary, make it modern or add new or different events. Children wrote a ‘fractured’ traditional fairy tale and enjoys putting our own spin on well known fairytales. 

Children’s Mental Health Week

The theme of Children's Mental Health Week this year was "Let's Connect." From this, we looked at making meaningful connections and created class quotes to support this too. Within Year 5, we created positive affirmations that we could share with each other for when things are feeling tricky.

 Red Dragon Karate


Within our unit assembly we had a visit from Red Dragon Karate Club. They showed us lots of Karate kicks and positions and some of us even got to practice some moves with the instructors! 

Mindful Movements


This half term, Year 5 will be taking part in Mindfulness Movements. Every Friday, the children will participate in a range of relaxing yoga movements, making positive affirmations and learning how to breath deeply in order to feel calm and ready to learn. This week, the children focused on learning some simple yet important Yoga movements and how to stretch safely.