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Famous Figures Day

Rosa Parks

On Tuesday 26th March, year 4 took part in our ‘famous figures day’. We learnt all about the amazing life of Rosa Parks and her impact on the civil rights movment.


Meet the author

On Monday 26th March, year 4 took part in a webinar where they got to meet the author Maddie Moate.  The children listened to Maddie read an extract from her newest book and got the opportunity to ask her questions.  We asked “Was it your childhood dream to be an author.”  “Did reading books inspire you to be an author.”


Towneley Hall - River studies trip


Year 4 have been on a trip to Towneley Hall, Burnley with the Ribble rivers trust.  The children took part in some engaging and interactive workshops linked to our unit ‘Misty mountain, winding river’, saw baby trout and a walk, exploring the local river.  The children loved seeing the different river features and how it shaped the land within the park and the river habitat. 

Famous Figure - Stephen Hawking 

The children learnt all about our famous figure this half term, Stephen Hawking.  Looking at his life, his diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND), his achievements and his resilience. The children did some research into black holes and space. 

Anti-Bullying Unit Assembly

The children in Year 3, 4 and 5 took part in an Anti-Bullying assembly as part of Anti-Bullying week. We discuss what the term 'bullying' meant and how this might look. We discussed how this might make others feel both physically and mentally. Together, we shared ideas about what we could do to support other children who may be being bullied and we all created an 'Act of Kindness' pledge. 

Fire Safety Unit Assembly

In school, we have recently been supported with resources from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue and have completed an assembly linked to fire safety. Through this, the children developed a better understanding of what to do in an emergency, whether that be in the house or outside. Children learnt to "Stop, Drop and Roll" if they are in fire difficulties and to call 999 if there is an emergency. 

British Military School

Each week Hazel class have been lucky enough to work Paddy and the British Military School.  This week, we worked together in teams to construct a catapult.  We listened carefully to Paddy’s instructions and worked cooperatively together as part of a team to build our catapult with the equipment. When our catapult was finished, we had fun using our catapult to get balls into a bucket.  

“It was fun building the catapults and when I had my go I got the ball in the bucket.” (Kane~Hazel class) 

“It was so much fun and I really liked how we got to be independent but got help if we needed it too.  It was fun launching the catapults at the end.” (Rosie~Hazel class)

British Military School-wake up shake up

Every Friday this half term, Hazel class have been lucky enough to work with Paddy and the British Military School.  Each week we start our sessions with a ‘wake up, shake up’ session and this week we played crab football.  
“I love crab football because it strengthens your arms and legs” (Declan~Hazel class) 

Famous Figures - Michael Churm and Paralympic Sports

The children across school spent an afternoon learning about different Paralympic athletes and the sports that take part in. We looked and the Paralympic flag and discussed the difficulties that people with disabilities may face and the resilience they show to achieve. We took part in a range of sports such as Boccia and GoalBall.

Woodland Showcase!


This week we welcomed our families into school to showcase the fantastic work we have been carrying this year so far. Children were able to showcase their pupil work books, the classroom, final work pieces, artwork, photographs and lots more! It was fantastic hear the children articulate their work with their families and showcase things they were proud of! Thank you to our Woodland families for taking the time to make it so special for us and our children - we look forward to sharing lots more with you over the academic year! 

A visit from Michael Churm - Famous Figure 


This week we were visited by the Paralympian Michael Churm. We took part in an assembly where we learnt about him and his successes. We then were able to take part in a Q&A session where we could find out more. Finally we did our own fundraising event by taking part in fitness circuits and asked our families to sponsor us when doing so. We had so much fun and look forward to learning more about Michael Churm during our famous figure afternoon this half term.

TTRS day