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Spelling Day


Children had the chance to dress up as a word! They also took part in many spelling activities including spelling shed, word searches and writing stories using the spelling words. They also took part in a class, year group and key stage spelling bee competition! 🐝🐝🐝

Nature’s Art Workshop


Year 5 took part in an art workshop with artist Michelle Taube! We practiced using paints to show tins, tones and shades before creating our own art piece inspired by art. We learned lots of new skills and had lots of fun!

Recycling Workshop


Year 5 took part in a recycling workshop where we learned about the 4 Rs - Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and Recover. We learned about which bins to put different rubbish in, which bins will go to the recycle center and items that we can donate. We all received a certificate and a bookmark (which included parts on it that can be planted). It was very educational and we had lots of fun!

Road Safety Assembly


Year 5 learnt about road safety and how important it is to state safe, whether we’re in a car or as a pedestrian! Children created posters to remind people about how to keep safe. Some reminders were to wear light clothing so drivers can see you, following speed limits, driving safely in all weathers, looking both ways when crossing a road, not walking onto the road between cars and many more! 

Fire Safety Unit Assembly

In school, we have recently been supported with resources from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue and have completed an assembly linked to fire safety. Through this, the children developed a better understanding of what to do in an emergency, whether that be in the house or outside. Children learnt to "Stop, Drop and Roll" if they are in fire difficulties and to call 999 if there is an emergency. 


Anti-Bullying Unit Assembly

The children in Year 3, 4 and 5 took part in an Anti-Bullying assembly as part of Anti-Bullying week. We discuss what the term 'bullying' meant and how this might look. We discussed how this might make others feel both physically and mentally. Together, we shared ideas about what we could do to support other children who may be being bullied and we all created an 'Act of Kindness' pledge. 

Children in Need


On Friday 17th November, children at Woodland wore spots, yellow or pyjamas to raise money for Children in Need!


Woodland celebrated all things times tables on TTRS Day. Children dressed up as rockstars and took part in lots of activities throughout the day including times tables bingo, times tables colour by number and practiced their times tables on TTRS and Hit the Button. Children were challenged to try and beat Mr. Heaton on TTRS and at the end of the day, watched a TTRS competition on zoom! 

Shang Dynasty / China Day Workshop



Year 5 took part in Shang Dynasty & China Day. Children learnt some Mandarin and Cantonese, wrote their names in Chinese, created beautiful pieces of artwork, learnt about Chinese Zodiac Signs, and took part in a drama workshop linked to the Shang Dynasty. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned lots of new things!