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Jean Michel Basquiat

One of our famous figures this year has been the American artist Jean Michel Basquiat. The children across school learnt about his life, how he became an artist and looked at his works of art. There were some amazing recreations!

Lady Gaga

One of our famous figures this year has been the musician Lady Gaga. Children across the school created a piece of work based on Lady Gaga, with lots of amazing art work being created too!

Michelle Taube workshop

As part of Year 5's Art project 'Nature's Art,' the children were visited by the talented artist Michelle Taube. They looked at different plants and the shape and colours they were. They then looked at different style pots and how they are different and how the colours are layered. Using acrylic paints, they then mixed a range of colours, learning how to make them darker and lighter. Through-out the afternoon they created our own final pieces of art and were very impressed with the work they produced!  

Yew-Linking School's Class Visit