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Fair Access Team (FAT)

The Fair Access team can provide a wide range of specialist advice and support to Academies ensuring they meet their duties in relation to Fair Access. LA’s have a Fair Access Protocol which is triggered when any unplaced children and young people, outside of the normal admissions procedures need a place at a school/academy and the allocation of places is conducted in a fair and appropriate manner, compliant with both the Admissions Code and Fair Access protocol.
The team can also provide extensive advice and support in relation to Exclusions, fixed and permanent, Managed Moves and unique scenario’s which may arise.


Option 1 – Comprehensive offer of advice, guidance and support from the Fair Access Team (this includes Fair Access Officers and Fair Access Support Officers)
Option 2 – Fair Access Referrals for FA Support only
Option 3 – Fair Access Officer support only


Contact details 

Janet Lloyd
Phone: 01706 925066