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Year 1


Victorian School Day

Children in Year 1 were visited by the Victorian teacher Mr Murphy. He had transformed one of our classrooms into a Victorian classroom where he taught us about Victorian punishments, how to use an ink pen, how to recite our 2 and 5 times tables and lots more! We created our own scrapbook page, a union jack flag and studied some Victorian artefacts. Later, Mr Murphy set up lots of Victorian toys for us to try. We finished the day by singing the national anthem whilst we waved our union jacks. We had a fantastic day and now have a better understanding of what life might have been like for a Victorian child. 

Victorian Day


The children were  able to dress up in Victorian costume and were introduced to a range of different toys and games that were played in in the Victorian era. 

They all had a wonderful day and really enjoyed the learning experience.

Well done Year 1!

Year 2


Kings & Queens Day


This term, Year 2 have been learning all about Magnificent Monarchs. Catherine Parr came to visit our school. She taught us all about types of castles, all about the wives of Henry VIII and she taught us how to joust! She also showed us a Tudor dance that we could perform to others. As well as this, we created our own castle rooms and shields. We also got to look at different artefacts including armour worn by knights, weapons and a sword! We even got knighted with the sword. It was such a fun day and we learned a lot!