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Year 3


Stone Age Workshop


Year 3 had an incredible time during their recent Stone Age workshop. They were helped to understand the way of life of our early ancestors and experience aspects of their life such as clothing, art and weaponry. Here are a selection of photos from the day! 




Emperors and Empires


Year 3 have been studying the history and structure of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire, including a detailed exploration of the Romanisation of Britain. Look at how much fun they had during their recent Roman Day where they had the opportunity to think, dress and behave like citizens of Rome! 



How did Victorian children survive without Fortnite?

Year 4




Year 4 were had a wonderful day participating in a Viking experience workshop as part of their 'Invasion' project this term. Children were able to learn about the chronology of the Viking period and the different roles within Viking society. The workshop also gave the children the opportunity to handle a range of Viking artefacts, weaponry and clothing.