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Musical activities prove to be highly engaging for many of our students, serving as an effective method for immersing them in learning across various contexts. Here are some of our preferred online musical learning activities:


Free Online Resources:


  • Ian Bean's ICT Activities: Ian Bean's website,, offers a diverse collection of free downloadable computing activities covering various topics. The cause and effect games featuring music are especially valuable for children who are just beginning to explore touch screens or switches. Each correct button press results in a musical reward.

  • Chrome Music Lab: Visit to access a range of enjoyable and straightforward musical apps that promote cause-and-effect understanding, the creation of beats, and exploration of a variety of instrumental sounds online.

  • Bouncy Balls: At, children can make balls bounce through sound. The balls remain still when it's quiet, providing an excellent platform for exploring the concepts of loud and quiet or for practicing vocalization to set the balls in motion.

  • Magic Piano App: You can find the Magic Piano app in the Google Play Store or the App Store. It allows users to press dots to play along with music, serving as an excellent tool for basic cause-and-effect exploration.


These resources offer engaging and educational musical experiences for our students, enhancing their learning in enjoyable and interactive ways.