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Woodland Phonics and Early Reading Policy

At Woodland Community Primary School, we use Little Wandle Revised Letters and Sounds to teach the children phonics.  Phonics is the primary strategy for teaching early reading and writing. Daily phonics lessons in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, teach the children the phonetic code of the English language so that they can use this to help them to blend to read words and segment to spell words.


Little Wandle Programme Overview

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have a daily phonics lesson  The children in Reception are quickly introduced to the most common letters and the sounds that they make so that they can begin to use these letters and sounds to read and spell.

Once children have been introduced to the single letter sounds they are introduced to digraphs and trigraphs. A digraph is two letters that when they are together represent one sound and a trigraph is 3 letters that represent one sound.

Little Wandle resources are used by all staff to support children in acquiring and applying phonic knowledge. 

Little Wandle Resources