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PSHE Jigsaw Puzzle 1 - Being Me in the World.


Reception begun their PSHE Jigsaw journey by meeting Jigsaw Jenie. We sit in our PSHE Circle and got to know all about Jigsaw Jenie and how she is going to help us with our learning.


Child's Mental Health Week

18.03.22 Red Nose Day. Reception had great fun sending in jokes for the joke competition. We listened to the silly jokes that made us laugh. Crispus said "Why did the girl want to take the ladder to school? Because she wanted to go to high school!". Miss Stannard's favourite joke is "why did the banana go to hospital? Because it wasn't peeling very well!".

09.02.22 Week beginning Monday 9th February is Child Mental Health Week. We have had an assembly about the theme 'Growing Together'. We listened carefully and thought about our emotions and our goals. We dressed in green for the day on Friday to help us reflect on what 'growing' means to us. 


We went 'reaching for the stars' and thought about our goals and how they can help us grow.


" I want to help my mum with the washing up!" - Freddie.

" I want to move up a group at swimming!" - Tyler.