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Spring 1

31.1.2022 - English

Today, we took part in a Conscience Alley where we offered our advice to the Mayor of the city to help him decide whether the Beast should be allowed to stay in the park or whether he should be told to leave. We had to think of reasons to support our argument and present these to the Mayor. These reasons will form part of our persuasive letters, later in the week. 


WB 24.1.2022 - Geography

In our Geography lessons, we have been learning and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans on a world map. We then stuck pictures of each of the famous explorers we have been learning about in our History lessons, on the continent they explored. Lesson 2 involved us embarking on an expedition around our school, before creating our own map of the school grounds. Finally, we used a local map of Heywood to navigate our way from school to Heywood Sports Village. Some of us even created our own set of directions on how to get there.

WB 17.01.2022 - Science

In our Science lessons this week we have been learning about 'why hygiene is important for humans'. First we planned an experiment to find out about why we should use soap when we wash our hands. We predicted what might happen when we put our fingers inside a bowl of pepper and water and what might happen if we used soap.


We used ground pepper to represent germs and put the pepper inside a bowl of water. In our first test we put our fingers inside the bowl of water and the pepper stuck to our fingers! Then we did a second test. This time, we dipped our fingers into soap before we put them inside the bowl of pepper and water. The pepper moved away from our fingers and our fingers came out clean. 


Finally, we evaluated the experiment. It was clear to see that using soap helped to clean our hands and that washing our hands with soap and water is important for good hygiene.

WB 10.01.2022 - Design & Technology

In our Design and Technology lessons we have designed, made and evaluated ships that look like the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. These were three of Christopher Columbus' most famous ships. First we designed our own ships and sails. Next we made our ships using craft sticks and glue. Then the children drew their sail designs onto paper and painted their ships brown. Finally, the children evaluated their design. They wrote down something that they enjoyed doing when making their ship and something that they would improve next time.