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Spring 1

WB 16.01.2023

This week, in Maple Class we have created our very own 3-D ammonite sculptures. We began by exploring the different clay sculpting techniques, we used the rolling and stretching techniques and gradually created the ammonite shape with the clay. Then we carved the ammonite patterns onto our sculptures, using clay tools. Once we had finished working with the clay, we painted our ammonite sculptures to make them nice and colourful.

WB 23.01.2023

This week, as part of our Geography project  'Rocks, Relics and Rumbles', we have been exploring our own school grounds to discover what type of soil we could find. We collected samples of soil from different areas and brought them back inside to complete our investigation. Our results showed that in our school grounds our soil is called Silty Soil which allows water to drain and contains a good amount of nutrients. 


WB 13.02.2023

In PSHE we have been working on designing a garden for people who face particular challenges. We have had to work cooperatively within our teams to draft our gardens, keeping in mind the people that we were designing the garden for. We were all allocated different jobs to create the garden and we only had a certain amount of money to create it so we had to use a garden items list to keep track of costs. We had to work as a team to overcome any obstacles we had with our designs. We then presented our final designs to the class by explaining who we chose to design our garden for, describing everything that we had included in the garden and how much money we had spent. We worked very well in our teams to be successful!