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Spring 1

31.01.2023 - Science


In science this week, we have learnt how plants reproduce. We explored how this was done through pollination. Firstly, we learnt about the parts of a flowering plant and how they all had a role to play. We then dissected a flower and identified where the parts were.  

20.01.2023 - Big Green Writing Machine Poetry Competition


Today, we have had a whole morning off our usual timetable to learn all things poetry! We started by discussing different forms of poetry, such as Haiku, acrostic poetry and kennings. We then watched a video to introduce us to the competition and learnt what the focus on our poem needed to be. We worked hard with our planning sheets to plan and poem and wrote some up neatly. 

16.01.2023 - Music


Year 5 have been extremely excited to have Mrs Walsh to teach them music again this term. We have been learning notation and notation within specific songs. We can’t wait to be back playing our instruments again, that we all love and enjoy!

09.01.2023 - Science


Today, in Science, we were looking at classifying animals. We learnt which animals were mammals and which were amphibians, insects and birds. We worked in groups to sort out cards into their classification based in the features that we had learnt.