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Spring 1


English - This week, we have been performing parts of the narrative we are reading as a class to help us to write from a different viewpoint. We had to get into role of the characters to understand their feelings, actions and motives before we could begin writing the story from their perspective. 



Science - This week, the children have been looking at further investigating our big Science question 'Do all animals and plants start their life as an egg?'. In today's lesson, the children were studying a chicken egg and it's different parts and functions. They were amazed to find things they had never noticed before! The children were all very careful to crack their eggs into the cup so they could get a closer look. After studying the egg, the children explored the differences and similarities between animal, plant and human life cycles.





Art -Today we created some wonderful collages on the theme of climate change. We focused on the artist 'David Gorge' and created our collage using inspiration from his pieces. USe used recycled materials to create the collage and used old newspapers to send a message to save our environment. Mrs Caron said, "The children worked really hard to produce their art; I am incredibly proud of their efforts."


Design and Technology - This week we planned, designed, created and evaluated new Wind Turbines that could be placed in the countryside around Heywood to help us on our mission to improve Global Warming. We used mood boards and research to help us to design a product that would be fit for purpose. We then used tools and materials that we had decided on to create our own wind turbine. 


Computing - This week we have spent our afternoons creating our own computer games. We used Purple Mash to review and analyse computer games, describing the elements that make a successful game and begun designing our own game. We designed the setting that fit with a selected theme. We uploaded images to include in the game, whilst using drawing tools to create walls, floors and roofs of the different levels within the game. Next, we designed character, changed animations and sounds that the characters can make to make the games unique by selecting appropriate options to maximise the playability of our games. Log into Purple Mash to play our games! 


English - We are reading the picture book 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies. The narrative is set in an urban city that has forgotten how to look after the planet and therefore has become mean, dark and ugly. The characters have become mean, dark and ugly too. The main character has just stolen an old lady's handbag. In these pictures you can see the children in Elm class creating freeze frames to begin using their inference skills to think about how the characters might feel, how they will react and what their motives are, at this point in the book.


Maths - In Maths this week we have been multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using concrete resources to help us. We have learnt how to use Base 10 to help us exchange ones into tens column, we then began using a place value to begin using a formal written method of multiplication.