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Spring 1


Safer Internet Day - As part of our Safer Internet Day, we focused our morning about online ‘trolls’ and what it means to be an online troll. We used a website called to research and learn about some fictional online trolls and the impact they can have on people’s lives. We then got creative! We designed our own fictional character that could be lurking online! In the afternoon, we discussed ways to protect ourselves from these trolls and generated strategies on how to deal with issues that may arise. 


Computing - In computing this half term, our focus is around online safety. We began our lesson by engaging in a online safety game on Purple Mash, where we identified 8 risk symbols that we need to look out for and also, 8 safety symbols which advised us on how to keep safe. After this, we were given the symbols as a quiz to test our knowledge! It was pretty impressive at how much we knew already about the importance of using different passwords, keeping them secretive and speaking to adults if we felt uncomfortable about anything online. 

Design and Technology - This week we have planned, designed, created and evaluated teddy bears, that could have been in evacuation suitcases during World War 2. We have been working really hard to learn how to sow pieces of fabric together and we have been amazed at what we have produced! 


Science - Our science topic this half term is, 'Electricity', where we have been learning all about scientific symbols, voltages and the differences between cells and batteries. Today, we worked collaboratively  to investigate whether the voltage affected the brightness of a light bulb. 


Art - Within our art work, we have been creating evacuation suitcases. We have made propaganda posters using different materials, glasses to go inside the suitcases out of pipe cleaners, black tissue paper and PVA glue. In addition, we made a diary in the style of World War 2 evacuee and then used tea bags to 'tea stain' the paper to make it look authentic! 


Geography - Year 6 have been learning about the British Empire, what it was and why it was established. We learnt that Britain wanted more land ownership, where it could build new communities known as colonies. These colonies would provide England with valuable materials. We conducted an enquiry to learn what these materials were and which countries they came from. 

History - We have learnt about the Battle of Britain and what this is. We learnt the significant dates within this topic and how this had an affect on people's lives. It was a tricky concept to understand how the UK were impacted by the Nazi party, so we looked at UK maps, and enquired into which towns and cities were impacted the most throughout the 4 phases of Hitler's plan.