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Spring 1

Victorian Visitor

Year 3 were lucky enough to develop their knowledge about Victorians through a special visitor to school. Our Victorian guest dressed and acted as both a school teacher and a servant. The children were able to have a go at acting out the jobs that Victorian children were made to do and were given the opportunity to ask many questions. Both the children and the staff had a fantastic day!


Victorian Schools

In our Design Technology lessons, we have designed, made and evaluated models of Victorian classrooms. We included chalk boards, the baskets used for punishment and even students wearing ‘dunce hats’. The children learnt a lot about the sequence of learning involved in Design Technology lessons and their finished products are displayed proudly in the classrooms.


Map Skills

In Geography, we have been learning how to use a map and an atlas. We worked hard to locate cities, countries, continents and oceans and made sure that we used the index in the atlas to help us.